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The best tyres for a KTM Duke motorcycle depend on the rider and how they intend to use the bike. Dukes are high performance bikes, and it's no wonder that KTM ship many with race-ready tyres like the Metzeler Sportec M5. Along with the M7 and the Racetec RR, they have superb performance and great grip, even in the wet.

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Choose the Right Tyres for the KTM Duke Motorcycle

The drawback with Metzelers and other race tyres, as most of you have realised, is their lifespan. There is a trade-off between the soft grip needed in a racing tyre and the durability you want on the road. For most owners, this means when the time comes to replace your original tyres, the purchase cost added to the hidden cost of shorter lifespan doesn't necessarily make Metzelers the best choice.

City riders who only use their bike for short commutes around town can sensibly look for the cheapest tyres approved for the performance rating of their bike. For race enthusiasts, there is no better advice than to save up for more Metzelers. They have few rivals, although the Conti Sport Attack II and III and the Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SC2 are others to consider.

Riders who don't hammer their bikes on the track, but still do long distance tours could consider a performance tyre on the front and a workhorse on the rear. Front tyres wear more slowly, so the investment makes more sense. The Bridgestone BT-016 is a front wheel option to consider, offering moderate durability but good handling, perhaps with a Bridgstone BT-023 GT behind. Bridgstone tyres are good wet weather performers.
Here are some suggestions for mid-range riders that apply whether your Duke is a 200, 390, 690 or other KTM model.

Michelins offer decent all round tyres, with a good reputation for durability without sacrificing performance. A top choice of road tyre, front or back, is the Michelin Pilot Street Radial, which has great lifespan and enough bite for excellent performance in wet or difficult conditions like slush or even over gravel. KTM seem to agree, and Michelins are often the standard tyre fitted on Dukes, including the 690. Michelin Sport 2CT is another popular tyre.

Pirelli Sport Demons are similarly priced. Their durability doesn't match Michelins, but the handling is much praised. Also from Pirelli, the Diablo Rosso II is terrific value and an option for race or road.

Duke 200, 390 and other KTM models are usually 110/70 17 front and 150/60 17 rear. The Duke 690 is usually 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. Always check your manual for the correct speed rating. Protyre staff are always available to give advice.

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