Motorcycle Tyres for my KTM Duke 390 Motorcycle


Users claim that the KTM Duke 390 motorcycle is one of the most exciting sub-500cc machines on the market. It might be small, but the styling is sharp, the design modern and the technology contemporary. 

Prior to 2017, the wheels fitted to the Duke 390 depended on where the machine was to be sold. Machines destined for Europe, including the UK, got a lighter pair, while countries with less well-maintained roads were fitted with a heavier duty set; now, all new Duke 390s will be fitted with the heavier duty wheels. Although this will add weight to the machine, it will also make it better able to cope with potholes and the like. With this in mind, what might you choose if you are looking for tyres for your KTM Duke 390 motorcycle?

Choose the Right Tyres for the KTM Duke 390 Motorcycle


Many riders find that their original Sportec M5 tyres square off after just a few thousand miles, sometimes exposing the tyre casing. Some of those who mostly use their KTM Duke 390 for commuting on good roads favour replacing the tyres with a dual compound type. The outer compound on these tends to be softer, reducing the effect of any squaring off.

The Pirelli Diablo is a popular choice for KTM Duke 390s. It suits the bike's light frame, short wheelbase and suspension, and gives excellent grip at the extreme angles of lean that are possible. Some say that Michelin does not offer the same advantages for this bike; however, the Pilot Power 2CT is worth considering. It is a dual compound tyre, designed with sporty riding in mind, including the angles of lean attainable with the Pirelli Diablo. As you would expect from the Michelin brand, it is durable and provides excellent wet and dry grip. Track results suggest that this tyre can withstand rapid acceleration and braking with little discernible effect to the tyres.

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