Motorcycle Tyres for KTM Duke 125 Motorcycle

Protyre has an enormous selection of tyres, encompassing some of the best in the world from top manufacturers. On a motorcycle - in any conditions - tyre maintenance is extremely important, as where the rubber hits tarmac or dirt is vital for safety and performance. Protyre knows a lot about the demands of biking, including requirements of tyres for a KTM Duke 125 motorcycle. With Protyre, you have access to a wide range of quality tyres and you will discover all the friendly support, advice and expertise that you could possibly need from our enthusiastic and expertly-qualified mechanics, who can assist with choosing, aligning or repairing your KTM Duke 125 tyres. 

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KTM is an Austrian firm that makes motorcycles and sports cars. The company was officially founded in 1992; however, its manufacturing origins hark back to 1934. The KTM brand is all about adventure and sports performance, incorporating leading-edge design and state-of-the-art production techniques to produce bikes at the forefront of their class. The 125 Duke may be small in size, but it is big where it counts. In 2013, this 125 was the first to get ABS (anti-lock or anti-skid braking) as a standard feature. New bikes have an LED headlight and optional connectivity; meanwhile, the bike has a superior four-stroke, single-cylinder, fuel-injected system with six-speed transmission that delivers great performance with fuel economy. 

Choose the Right Tyres for the KTM Duke 125 Motorcycle

Tyres for your KTM Duke 125 could include offerings by leading brands such as Pirelli Diablo, Bridgestone, Michelin and Metzeler. When selecting new tyres for your KTM Duke 125, you will want to think about what kind of conditions you will be riding in and what is important to you in terms of safety and handling. Whether you are frequently commuting in heavy traffic or heading to the countryside for off-road adventures or touring will make a significant different to the type of tyres that will deliver what you need. 

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Protyre mechanics are extensively trained to advise on, fit and maintain tyres for your KTM Duke 125. Protyre offers a large network of garages, meaning that maintaining your tyres and getting them checked with us for uneven wear is simple and convenient. Protyre staff are also experienced in aligning motorcycle wheels, which is vital for even tyre wear and predictable handling. If you ride a Duke 125, you can rely on Protyre advice and our reputation for great service, which we have earned through thousands of satisfied customers.