What are the best tyres for the Honda Grom?



The Honda Grom is a small but surprisingly powerful motorcycle first developed in 2013. It won the Motorcycle of the Year Award in 2014 and continues to be popular. It has plenty of character and makes an attractive first bike or one you can easily transport in a larger vehicle. Newer models feature a five-speed gearbox and 125cc engine which is fully EURO5 compliant and renowned for exceptional fuel efficiency. A seat height of 750mm ensures a reasonably comfortable ride with plenty of road feedback. These machines have an adequate top-speed, for their class, of about 60mph and are offered with a range of trim styles, which contributes to their enduring popularity.

To enjoy all the charm and fun this bike is designed to offer it is vital to select the right motorcycle tyres. Search for 120/70-12 front tyres and a rear size of 130/70-12 (based on the 2018 model) for your Honda Grom.

​Choose the Right Tyres for the Honda Grom Motorcycle



Fitting the right motorcycle tyres will dramatically improve its performance and give you a better ride. Conversely, choosing the wrong kind may affect handling, road grip and even decrease fuel efficiency. Here at Protyre we make finding your next set of tyres easy. We stock a range of tyres from world renowned manufacturers like PirelliDunlop and Bridgestone – all of them engineered for reliability and to optimise performance.
Choosing the right motorcycle tyres very much depends on how you use the vehicle. We stock tyres for all weather conditions, including snow tyres and tyres designed to provide extra grip in wet conditions. If you frequently carry a heavy load on your any motorcycle, and especially a Grom, then it is certainly worth considering extra load (XL) tyres. These provide more protection against the additional pressure associated with carrying more weight (which leads to wear) and will also provide better handling and braking under load.

Premium or budget?

Our qualified fitters are independent but recommend buying good quality tyres from well-respected manufacturers like BridgestoneAvon or Metzeler. Quality tyres give greater value in the long term than most cheap, economy options. Cheaper motorcycle tyres might seem like a good idea, but they usually wear down quicker than premium alternatives. Of course, that means they have to be replaced more often, easily offsetting the initial saving.

Carry out regular checks and maintenance

Knowing when you need new tyres is crucial. Check them regularly for obvious signs of damage like cuts or punctures and also keep their pressure topped up. If you notice a gradual but sustained drop in pressure it may be a symptom of a slow puncture, at which point new motorcycle tyres are usually the best option. Any visible sign of wear is a concern.


Talk to the Protyre professionals

If your motorcycle tyres are beginning to show signs of their age it might be time for a change. Our qualified fitters will help you choose the right tyres for your Honda Grom, get them fitted and have you back on the road in no time. You can book a free tyre check via our website or pop into one of our nationwide garages. We operate a 100+ network of local garages across the country and our tyre professionals will be able to help you with your Honda Grom.


The Honda Grom Motor

The Grom's fun factor is boosted by its single-cylinder light and narrow motor, which revs fast and has fuel injection to help performance. The Grom is reported to have plenty of features to reduce maintenance and speedy electric starting to get you on the move.

Honda claims that other appealing factors for Grom enthusiasts are its four-speed gearbox and hydraulic disk brakes at the front and back to offer outstanding stopping power; of course, this can be boosted further by choosing the best tyres for the job.

Ask the Experts

For detailed advice on which tyres to choose for your Honda Grom, you only have to ask a member of our knowledgeable and experienced team. We can then provide you with great tyres at the best possible prices, along with same or next day fitting in many cases. You can also go online and book your motorbike service or MOT at a Protyre garage near you.