Motorcycle Tyres for Honda Goldwing Motorcycle


The Honda Goldwing motorcycle is firmly aimed at the luxury touring market. Boasting a mighty 1832cc engine with five-speed gearbox, the Honda Goldwing deliver a smooth and powerful ride in superb comfort. Not just for the summer months, the Goldwing offers unrivalled protection from the worst of the winter weather, with heated handlebars, heated seats and even a system for keeping your feet warm. Fitted with spacious pockets and panniers, there's more than 150 litres of room for luggage on longer road trips.

Choose Right Tyres for the Honda Goldwing Motorcycle


At Protyre, we stock a range of tyres for a Honda Goldwing motorcycle, designed to fit the 5-spoke hollow-section cast aluminium wheels. Tyres for the front wheel need to be 130/70 R18 (63H), and for the rear wheel, the size is 180/60 R16 (74H).

Bridgestone Europe is a leading player in the world of vehicle tyres, being an important regional subsidiary of the major Bridgestone Corporation, based in Tokyo. Reputed to be the largest manufacturer in the world of tyres and rubber products, this is a company with a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative tyres.

Bridgestone manufactures tyres suitable for the Honda Goldwing. The GL1500 FRONT 130/70X18 G701 63H and GL1500 REAR 160/80X16 G702 80H are tubeless tyres, which are often fitted as standard on Goldwing models GL1200, GL1500 and GL1800. 

Also manufactured by Bridgestone, and suitable for the Goldwing, is the GL1800 FRONT 130/70R18 G709 63H, and the GL1800 REAR 180/60R16 G704 74H, both of which incorporate the company's innovations for a safer and smoother ride, whatever the road and weather conditions.

The Dunlop Elite 4 tyre is another recommended tyre for the Honda Goldwing. Based on Dunlop's promise of increased mileage, the Dunlop Elite 4 rear tyre benefits from the company's Multi-Tread technology, which uses specially developed compounds to provide a significant increase in mileage compared to tyres manufactured from a single compound. Elite 4 rear tyres have been designed with a long-lasting and hard wearing compound along the central area of the tyre. When combined with the compound on the tyre's shoulders, which has been created to give excellent lateral grip, the result is superior mileage results without any compromise in the bike's handling. The Dunlop Elite 4 tyre has a unique tread pattern that ensures the bike handles well, even in the wettest of road conditions, promoting even wear and a reduction in road noise.

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