Motorcycle Tyres for Honda Fireblade Motorcycle

The choice of tyre for motorcycles is important. This is because those two patches of rubber are the only things keeping you in touch with the road surface. You need tyres that offer good grip but are also responsive and provide good feel from the bike.

Choose the Right Tyres for the Honda Fireblade Motorcycle

When choosing tyres for a Honda Fireblade motorcycle therefore, you need to consider your options carefully. You need to look at how the tyres rate for grip in both the dry and the wet. You also need to consider feedback, comfort and wear rates, and balance all of these against your needs. Your choice of tyre will be influenced by how you use your Fireblade. Is it used in all weathers or just in dry conditions, for example? How much mileage will you be doing? Tyres that wear quickly will need replacing more often, so they will add to your costs.

Find Motorcycle Tyres

If you're unsure about what tyres to fit to your Fireblade, look at which brands are recommended by the manufacturer or are used as original factory fit. These are a good starting point. When you fit new tyres, it's also important to run them in for the first 100 miles or so. Ride at a steady pace for this period, and choose your routes to take in bends to both left and right to even the wear on both shoulders.

To get long life from your Fireblade tyres, you need to look after them. Make sure you check the pressures regularly: under- or over-inflation will affect grip, handling and wear rates. When you're carrying a passenger, it's worth raising the pressures a little to compensate - one or two PSI at the front and two or three at the rear. If you don't use the bike every day, put it in stands when it's not in use to prevent the tyres getting flat-spotted. If you haven't got a stand, roll the bike back and forward a few inches occasionally.

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