Tyres for my Honda 125 Motorcycle

Honda is one of the most well-known motorcycle makers in the world. They have been manufacturing motorbikes for almost 70 years and offer a wide range of models for different purposes, from everyday urban street use through to racing machines.



Honda CG 125

The Honda CG125 is undoubtedly one of the most popular bikes that Honda has produced. Over the years, Honda has released over 30 different versions of the CG125 including racers, economy tourers and dirt bikes. There is a 125 for everyone.

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Honda CG 125 tyre size

It is important to be aware of the tyre sizes you need for your bike. This information can be found on the sidewalls of your existing tyres, there will be markings such as: 180/55 ZR 17 M/C (73W).
This code gives a great deal of information. The first number is the tyre width in mm, the second is the tyre height as a percentage of the width. The letter Z represents the speed rating, and the R represents that the tyre is radial construction type. The number 17 that follows denotes the rim size in inches. M/C means that these are Motorcycle tyres. Finally, the 73 is the load index and the W is the speed rating.
Some of the best tyres for the Honda 125 are outlined below:


Michelin Pilot Street

The Michelin Pilot Street tyres offer exceptional performance, safe handling and durability at a competitive price. The tailored tread depths and compound offer a superb balance of grip and wear and the tyre’s grooves are angled to cut through water and provide grip on wet surfaces.

Bridgestone Battlax BT 45

The BT 45 is available in a wide range of sizes and is an excellent choice for the Honda 125. It offers the performance of a sports tyre with the comfort of a touring tyre. Tread, profile and construction are all optimised for superior riding comfort. The advanced tread technology enables complete safety and reliability in all conditions. Additionally, Bridgestone’s SACT technology provides excellent cornering grip whilst extending the lifecycle of the tyres.

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Metzeler Lasertecs

Metzeler has a fantastic reputation for high quality tyres and the Lasertecs are a good example.
Metzeler Lasertecs feature a unique tread pattern design that enables effective water dispersal, wear regularity and high mileage. They offer outstanding performance, superb grip, breaking stability and comfort.

Continental ContiGo

These tyres are great all-rounders and offer excellent performance, handling and stability. The ContiGos offer high mileage and excellent grip in various weather and road conditions. These tyres are provided as the Original Equipment (OE) for many Honda motorbikes. If you are looking for something extra sporty, the ContiTwist offers superior handling, although sizes are limited.

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