Motorcycle Tyres for Honda 125 Motorcycle

Honda has released at least thirty 125 motorcycle models over the years. The range has included racers, dirt bikes, economy tourers and everything in between. As Honda says, 125s are not just for learners. Their riders include serious sports enthusiasts and practical commuters and are distributed across all age groups. This makes generalising about the best tyres for a Honda 125 motorcycle a difficult task; however, some brands stand out for their performance across the whole range.

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Tyre Sizes for the Honda 125 Motorcycle

It is important to know the tyre specifications suitable for your bike. You can read this from the sidewalls of your existing tyres, where you will see something resembling '80/100 (58R)'. The first number is the width (in mm), the second the profile (the proportion of the wheel radius that is rubber), and the third is the rim size (in inches). A subsequent number will denote load bearing ability and the final letter represents the maximum safe speed. Your tyre speeds must exceed the maximum speed at which your bike can travel; for example, M is 81mph and T is 118mph.

Recommended Brands for the Honda 125 Motorcycle

Bridgestone Battlax tyres are available for almost all wheel sizes and speed ratings. The BT-045 is an excellent choice front and rear. Not always the best value but with guaranteed street cred, Dunlop tyres can be pricey but are often chosen for vintage bikes. Sport tyres provide lower mileage, but sportsters are bound to covet the Metzeler Lasertecs. Metzeler currently has the top reputation for serious competitive sporting.

Hard to beat as the perfect all-rounders are the Continentals. ContiGo tyres will be great performers front and back, while ContiTwist offer a step up in sporty handling performance if you can find them in your size. Michelin Pilot Street are available in most configurations and have a good reputation for town performance, durability and safe handling; in addition, they are competitively priced. Michelin's Pilot Activ is a sportier alternative. The Pirelli City Demon gives the Pilot Street a run for its money in town; however, it is harder to find in some 125 wheel sizes. For junior off-roaders such as the CRF125F, an excellent choice is Pirelli Scorpions. Michelin Starcross is an alternative. For the smaller wheels of the new MSX125, Michelin provides the CityGrip; in addition, it offers a version especially suited to winter conditions. Continental ContiTwists are also available in this size and are hard to beat.

A note about safety

Inexperienced riders may not be aware that it is advisable to 'break in' new tyres, as they can be more slippery than old ones. Take care to limit your speed, accelerating and cornering for the first 150 miles.

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