Motorcycle Tyres for my Harley-Davidson Street 500 Motorcycle

If you own a Harley Davidson Street 500, you’re someone who appreciates authentic style, design heritage and outstanding modern performance. All of Harley Davidson’s iconic branding is applied to the entry-level 500. These bikes tend to be owned by individualists who like nothing better than customising them and adding aftermarket special features. Our mechanics are always interested in them and love working on them.
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The street models have Revolution X engines that are liquid-cooled. Designed to be lighter than other Harleys, they’re ideal for sneaking through traffic and using city parking bays, when you may have to move the bike manually at some points.
Because of this, while these bikes are great for touring and days out, a lot of people are now using them for commuting during the week and then giving them a real run at the weekend. A recent survey by a motoring organisation reported that the average motorbike commuter saves three hours a week compared to their car-bound colleagues or people struggling to commute by public transport.

Get the Right Tyres for Safety and Performance

It’s important both for safety and for performance to have the right tyres fitted. Here at Protyre, many of our local garages have specialist fitting bays for bike tyres. This enables us to get your job done more efficiently and speedily and to carry out any specialised balancing, tracking or fitting that’s needed.
Decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment road trip and want new tyres ASAP? We can usually do same-day or next-day fitting because we have thousands of bike tyres in stock. We supply all the major brands for sporting, touring, off-road, commuting and performance bikes, including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler. Just put your postcode into our bike tyre page and you’ll see your nearest centre.

Choosing the Right tyres for Your Street 500

The size of the current tyre will be written on the tyre - the first number indicates the tyre’s width. More width can mean a longer-lasting tyre because the wider the tyre, the more tread there is to deal with the bike’s weight. The main thing is to fit tyres that are suitable for the way you use the bike. For example, if you’re using the bike to commute, and it’s sometimes in the rain or darkness, good grip, braking effectiveness and economy are important.

The New MOT: A Chance to Fix Problems Early

With the introduction of the new MOT in May 2018, the way bike faults are categorised has changed. They’re now divided into dangerous, major and minor. Then there are notes about things you will need to keep an eye on, and they’re called advisories.

Ask the experts

You need to use a garage that’s able to categorise faults with confidence when they’re doing the MOT. Experienced and skilled bike mechanics at local Protyre garages know what’s dangerous and what isn’t and won’t seek to overstate or understate any problems. They’re also far more likely to spot non-critical problems and include them in the advisory notes. That gives you a chance to fix them before they become major.