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From the world-famous Harley Davidson stable, Harley-Davidson Sportster is a line of motorcycles that have been in continuous production since 1957. If you are searching for an iconic two-wheeled ride, your search can stop right here. Also known by their product code, XL, these bikes benefit from a powerful four-stroke, 45-degree, V-twin engine. They are well-built, possess a highly durable finish, and hold their value far better than many comparable models from other manufacturers. Even the insurance costs tend to be reasonable, notwithstanding these bikes' power. Riders rate their good looks, their easy handling, and sometimes the attention they attract.

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A great bike needs great tyres. As the owner of a Harley-Davidson Sportster, there are a number of excellent options. If you are keen on a top name from the world of tyres, you can't go wrong with Michelin. This manufacturer has been making tyres since the late 1800s, when a fed-up cyclist with a punctured pneumatic tyre arrived at a rubber factory run by brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand. Repairing the tyre, which had to be glued to the wheel rim, was a lengthy and ultimately frustrating business; however, it gave the brothers a good idea. 

In May 1889, Michelin was incorporated; two years later, it took out a patent for a removable pneumatic tyre. It was this tyre that was the antecedent of tyres such as the Scorcher 10. Designed specifically with models such as the Sportster in mind, the Scorcher 10 was inspired by hypersport tyres. Its radial carcass gives it a genuinely sporty feel, with no sacrifice of stability. Silica-rich rubber compounds ensure superb grip on even the wettest of roads; in addition, this boosts the lifespan of the tyre. 

Michelin is just one option, of course. Some riders favour Metzler ME 880, Dunlop 404 or Pirelli MT 66, to name but three alternatives. Narrowing down the choice is as much a matter of personal preference as it is motorcycle compatibility. A good garage will always be happy to assist with the choice and, if required, will be able to suggest the most cost-effective tyres.

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