Motorcycle Tyres for my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle


The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy hit iconic status when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 robot character rode a 1991 model across Los Angeles in the Terminator 2 movie. The subsequent chase scene is considered to be one of the finest motorcycle moments captured on celluloid, culminating in a dramatic 3-metre jump into a storm drain, which although accomplished with the help of a little cinema trickery, secured the future of the Fat Boy model for future bike enthusiasts.

Choosing the right tyres for your Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle



The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy may not be able to cope with a 3-metre jump in real life, but it certainly manages to absorb the majority of lumps and bumps in road surfaces, thanks to the suspension which gives the brand its ‘Softail’ name. Like all of the other Softail models, the Fat Boy has been carefully designed to look as though it’s just another rigid-frame bike, but by positioning shock absorbers along the axis, hidden away beneath the transmission, the rider benefits from a smoother and more comfortable ride. There has been a slight change to the positioning of the shock absorbers for the most recent 2018 model, which sees them fitted underneath the seat.

The very first Fat Boy was created specifically to take part in the 1988 Bike Week Rally at Daytona Beach, and was based on the 1984 Softail frame, but with the addition of solid cast disc wheels. The design is low-slung, bottom-heavy and intimidating, although the latest model is lighter than its predecessors. The Milwaukee Eight engine has been refined for an even smoother ride, while giving faster acceleration, but without losing the distinctive Harley-Davidson engine sound.
Whether you ride one of this year’s Fat Boy bikes, or cherish an older model, the tyres you use will have an impact on your riding experience. With a high-performing motorbike, you need to know that your tyres are fit for purpose, able to cope with the speed and weight of the Fat Boy, as well as providing optimum road holding in all types of road and weather conditions.
The model and year of your Harley-Davidson Fat Boy will determine which tyres you should consider when your current tyres need replacing. You should also consider the types of surface and road conditions that you will be subjecting your Fat Boy to, as all of these factors will have an influence on your final decision.

Although it may be tempting to only replace a single worn tyre, the general advice is to replace both tyres at the same time, as mixing a brand new tyre with a part-worn tyre on a high-performance bike, such as the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, can affect the bike’s handling, potentially compromising your safety and that of other road users.
The 2018 Fat Boy front tyre is 160/60R18,70V,BW, while the wider back tyre requirement is 240/40R18,79V,BW. However, for a 1997 model, the front and rear tyres are interchangeable, with a specification of 130/90-16. For the best results, we recommend discussing your needs with one of our Protyre experts, who will point you in the right direction, making sure that you have the most appropriate tyres for your precise needs.

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