Motorcycle Tyres for my Ducati Scrambler Motorcycle


Ducati is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. It is part of Lamborghini, the supercar and agricultural vehicle manufacturer, which in turn is owned by German car manufacturer Audi, part of the huge Volkswagen Audi Group. There is a lot of history and a great pedigree in that stable.

Ducati makes a wide range of motorcycles, including road bikes in the cruiser, muscle bike and superbike categories as well as dirt bikes under the "Scrambler" model name. The Scrambler was first introduced in 1962 and was in production until 1974. The range was reintroduced in 2015 as a modern classic styled motorcycle after a 40-year gap with the Sixty2, Icon, Urban Enduro, Classic, Full Throttle and Flat Track Pro models.

Choosing the Right Tyres for the Ducati Scrambler


With such a range of models, buying tyres for a Ducati Scrambler motorcycle can be confusing, since the various types of tyre deliver different braking, steering and grip, so your choice of new tyres for your Ducati Scrambler will depend on the type of riding you plan to do and your overall riding style. General urban drives might have entirely different requirements from long, cross-country rides - not to mention potentially using your bike off-road or on trails.

All have twin-cylinder air- and oil-cooled 803cc engines except the Sixty2, which is based on the original Scramblers and has a capacity of 399cc. In 2017, a further two models (the CaféRacer and the Desert Sled) were added to bring the model range to eight. Whatever the model, the entire range is exciting, inventive, youthful and free-spirited, bringing freedom and self-expression to riders.

The majority of the Ducati Scrambler models use 110/80 R18 for the front and 180/55 R17 for the back, but the Sixty2 uses the same size of front but has a 160/60 R17 at the back. Standard fitment for the 2015/16 models is the specially developed semi-knobbly Pirelli MT 60 tyre, but the new CaféRacer has Pirelli DIABLO™ROSSO II tyres, and the Desert Sled comes with Pirelli's SCORPION™RALLY STR tyres (larger 120/70 R19 for the front and 170/60 R17 at the back).

Alternative tyres include:
(i) Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact
(ii) Pirelli Angel GT
(iii) Bridgestone Sport Touring T30
(iv) Bridgestone Sport Touring T30 EVO
(v) Bridgestone Battlax BT016 Pro Hypersport
(vi) Dunlop Sportsmart 2
(vii) Continental ContiSportAttack 2