Motorcycle Tyres for Ducati Diavel Motorcycle


Even style icons can be wild cards. The Ducati Diavel remains a marvel of design, performance and continual refinement. This controversial cruiser is one of a kind. Housing a 1,198cc eight-valve, V-twin, liquid cooled engine, the Ducati Diavel turns heads. The team at Protyre is regarded as one of the UK's leading fitter and supplier of tyres. All our talented technicians are bike trained and experienced, setting us apart from other more car-focussed garages. 

When you visit us at Protyre, we are keen to hear about your bike and your riding experience, so we can match you with the best tyre for your needs.

Tyre manufacturer and technical partner to Ducati, Pirelli created the remarkable Diablo Rosso II tyres for a Ducati Diavel motorcycle. The front tyres are standard tyres featuring a tread pattern created to transform performance in the wet. But it's the hypersport influenced rear tyre that provides a lot of excitement, because it blends design, with sports bike personality. EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) means all angles of the contact patch have been maximised to deliver particularly good results in the wet.

Choosing the Right Tyres for the Ducati Diavel Motorcycle

Another tyre recommended for the Ducati Diavel is Michelin's Pilot Power 3. Also a hypersport tyre, the Pilot Power 3 offers excellent grip and handling, attributed to new tyre profiles and compound giving 20% longer life than the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. Another tyre suitable for the Diavel is the Michelin Power RS, again a hypersport tyre, with sports bike performance compound offering excellent dry grip. A unique tread pattern has patterns that close up like snipes to help clear water during riding in the wet.

With a top speed estimated at 155mph, the Ducati Diavel handles like a dream, offering excellent rider experience. We understand the difference excellent design and attention to detail provides. Protyre stocks over 20,000 tyres from all the leading manufacturers, and offers a fast turnaround "Ride in, Ride out" service. 
With its sleek brutal design and a name meaning "devil" in Bolognese slang, this exceptional bike offers three ride modes: urban, touring and sport. In the latter setting, the speedometer has been known to climb, as the rider enjoys the 162 bhp, balanced with superb handling. When fitting tyres for your Ducati Diavel, you can rely on your local Protyre garage to take care of every detail for you, including matching any fitted quote.

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At Protyre we have a reputation as the local garage you can trust. That means the friendly, professional and experienced team at your local Protyre centre will be able to advise you on the ideal tyres for a Ducati Diavel motorcycle.