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BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, began making engines for planes before the first world war. When Germany was banned from making aircraft, the company eventually turned to making engines for motorbikes in 1921. BMW motorbikes have always featured innovative engineering, even being copied by Harley-Davidson at one point. At the end of the second world war, BMW was in ruins; however, it bounced back to become a world-class motorcycle manufacturer. 


What you should know about buying tyres for the BMW S1000R motorcycle

At Protyre, we give our customers service and merchandise they can rely on. One reason people keep returning to Protyre is for friendly advice; another is the huge range of quality tyres we carry in our garages. We stay up to date with the latest innovations in tyre technology to make sure our customers benefit from the very best. Choosing tyres to complement your motorcycle and your riding style is very important, not only to ensure your safety but also to increase the joy of taking a magnificent machine to the tarmac. Choosing great tyres for a BMW S1000R motorcycle can improve balance and grip and deliver the kind of performance that makes every moment on the road pure pleasure. 

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Choosing the Right Tyres for the BMW s1000r

The S1000R was lauded by critics for its sophistication, great handling and raw power. It has a raised handlebar in one piece, which could put it in the naked category; however, it also features a small amount of headlamp fairing and a modest amount of bodywork around the engine. Making its debut in 2013, the S1000R shares a format with its predecessor, the S1000RR, but in a lighter, sharper package with a sportier performance. It also incorporates advanced electronics for the chassis and engine. As befitting a bike of this quality, brands such as Pirelli, Metzeler, Bridgestone and Dunlop make tyres for your S1000R to increase rider comfort and improve grip. 


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The tyres you choose will have a significant impact on your bike and the ride it delivers, so why not drop by a Protyre garage to evaluate different models and what you will get from them in terms of road holding and handling with our friendly and knowledgeable mechanics? They can highlight the different features and how these translate into performance and safety for the rider. Protyre staff also know about wheel alignment, fitting and maintenance to help you get better mileage from your rubber. With so many Protyre garages, dropping by for a tyre check or to look at an upgrade is convenient and easy. Tyres in good condition are vital for your safety, so don't neglect them.