Aprilia RS 125
Motorcycle Tyres for the Aprilia RS 125 Motorcycle

The Aprilia RS 125 was produced from 1995 onwards and proved extremely popular with a wide range of riders. Renowned for its excellent handling and style, the Aprilla RS 125 remains a firm favourite with anyone who appreciates quality and a sturdy build. 

Many Aprilia RS 125 owners, and those who have reviewed the bike professionally, cite the motorcycle's handling as some of the best they've ever experienced. The handling has always been a major selling point of this particular model, along with its strong chassis, high-quality brakes and 40mm forks that give you superior control while you're on your bike. 

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When it comes to choosing new tyres for an Aprilia RS 125 motorcycle, you have a range of options open to you. Your decision will depend on exactly what you want from your bike, and how much you are willing to spend. It's a good idea to read reviews of several tyres that you're interested in, weighing up the pros and cons of each one. Speak to your garage, too, and see what they recommend for your Aprilia RS 125. You might opt to go with the same tyres you previously had if you were happy with them. If you experienced any issues with them, however, look for a tyre that is likely to avoid these specific issues and ask around for recommendations from other Aprilia RS 125 owners.

Comparing Tyres for the Aprilia RS 125

When comparing tyres for your Aprilia RS 125, choose the factors that are most important to you so you are more easily able to prioritise when researching the features of different brands or models. For instance, is grip the most important factor to you? Is mileage something you are particularly concerned about? You will also need to look at how well individual tyres perform in wet conditions, as you will likely spend a fair bit of time riding on wet road surfaces. Different tread patterns on tyres produce very different results - some are designed to give increased grip on the road surface, improving your confidence while cornering or helping your stability on poor surfaces. As well as the tread pattern, you'll need to look at the tyre shoulder, as this also affects the tyre's cornering performance. Aprilia RS 125 tyre prices vary substantially, with budget options available if cost is the most importance factor in your decision. If you can afford to be more flexible, however, you'll find a far wider choice of tyres available to you.

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