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Italian motorcycle design never disappoints and the Aprilia 1000 ETV Caponord is a perfect demonstration of this. The fact that the bike was only produced from 2001 until 2004, yet still has a dedicated following in the UK, shows how well it has stood the test of time. Its main selling point was, in fact, its selling price, meaning that the resale value is still attractive. The off-road style and size, combined with a stylish aluminium beam frame make it a popular model, more in-keeping with bikes costing a lot more.
With a V twin Mille four-stroke engine and a top speed of 140mph, it’s no shrinking violet and the 88bhp rear wheel is made up for by its powerful torque. The remote shock adjuster suggests the quality of a bike in a much higher spec and price range, as well as the powerful headlights. It gives an extremely smooth ride even when you ramp it up, courtesy of its slipper clutch.
Riders report that it has good seating and weight distribution, with excellent cornering and scores top marks for the ride quality. Suitable for all types of road and for cruising, sport or touring, the adjustable rear damping makes it a performer on fast roads. Another thing that riders like is the vibration-free and comfortably placed mirrors, particularly useful at speed on busier and uneven roads. One thing all the reviewers agree on is just how good the bike looks and how well it compares to more expensive models.
There are clearly Aprilia 1000 ETV Caponords still on the road. So many different choices of use, ride and terrain for this versatile motorcycle require a tyre provider that can supply all combinations of widths, profiles, load and speed ratings.
Protyre stocks a wide range of brands including; PirelliMetzelerBridgestoneMichelin and Dunlop and can advise on the optimum choice, as well as fitting and maintenance.

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When it comes to choosing new tyres for your Aprilia 1000 ETV motorcycle rest assured we have a host of options available to you from a number of premium manufacturers for you to make your selection from. Manufacturers include; PirelliMetzelerBridgestoneMichelin and Dunlop.

If you're searching for tyres for your Aprilia 1000 ETV motorcycle, Protyre can help. With over 100 garages, we're a nationwide network that promises outstanding local service. Our experienced technicians will be pleased to service or MOT your bike, as necessary, as well as discuss your tyre options. With an extensive range of all the top tyre makes in stock, we are able to guarantee same or next day fitting for the majority of the tyre brands that we sell. We also have fully trained motorcycle mechanics.

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If you're looking to replace the OEM tyres on your Aprilia 1000 ETV for a performance upgrade, then we suggest you stick with the OEM sizing and make sure you run your tyres in properly for the first 100 miles at the manufacturer's recommended pressure, as this can impact directly on fuel economy and handling performance.
If you need advice from the friendly, knowledgeable and expert team at Protyre, then book a tyre check online at your local Protyre garage. If you're looking for tyres for an Aprilia 1000 ETV motorcycle, we'll help you make the best choice.

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