Top 5 motorcycle track day tyres

If motorsports are your thing, you want tyres that shine on the track. Although some professionals go for slicks, they are neither necessary nor ideal for everyone, nor are they road legal. Unless you are willing to swap tyres on arrival there are many road legal tyres that will gobble up the laps too. Our tyre professionals are here to help with this quick guide.

#1 Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V3

Pirelli tyres are renowned for their quality and longevity. Pirelli is, after all, one of the biggest and most respected tyre manufacturers in the world, so it should come as no surprise to find them on the list. The Supercorsa range are road legal sports tyres more than capable of shining on track days. For racing purists with alternative means to reach the venue there are three Pirelli race-only tyres; the slick Diablo Superbike and, for less than perfect weather, the Diablo Wet and Diablo Rain. All offer unparalleled handling, high speed stability and industry leading traction. Click the button below for more information on these race-only tyres.

Pirelli Race-Only Motorbike Tyres Tyres

#2 Michelin Power Cup 2

Another big hitter in the world of track day tyres, Michelin, has been on the cutting edge of innovation for years. Their Power One tyres are enduringly popular with track enthusiasts for handling and warming quickly, and the Power Cup 2 builds on that with even greater focus on track. The tyres use a mix of compounds to ensure exceptional grip (even when hot), great handling and even longevity – a quality lacked by most race-quality tyres. Also consider the Power Super Sport Evo, Pilot Super Sport and Power GP.

#3 Bridgestone Battlax R10

Our tyre professionals have long recommended Bridgestone motorcycle tyres and the Battlax range in particular. The R10 is road legal but designed for the racetrack and not recommended for roads or inexperienced riders. Once warmed up the R10 provides superlative grip, stability and acceleration. Their road-feedback makes them fun to ride on. Also look at the R11, S20, Hypersport 22 and Racing Street RS10/RS11.

#4 Metzeler Racetec RR K3

These tyres are deservedly popular all-round performers. They offer a very short warm-up time, which is vital at track events if you are going to get a good start out the gate. Racetecs are also rated for decent longevity, so more track days before they need replacing. Racetecs are road legal but there is also a slick version if you are ready for it.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

#5 Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer D211

The Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer D211 is the road legal version of the all-conquering D211 GP race tyre. For a sports/race hybrid they offer great feedback, confident grip, rapid warm-up, cool running, stable braking and even a longer mileage than most comparable tyres. Without doubt one of the leading road safe tyres for racing. Also consider the new D212 and the SportSmart TT – another crossover with pure-bred race ancestry.
Honourable mentions must also go to the lesser known 3D Ultra Xtreme and 3D Ultra Super Sport from Avon.

Avon Motorcycle Tyres

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