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Yamaha, an iconic brand in the history of motorcycles, manufactures a large range of bikes for all purposes. From adventure touring to motocross and sports models, it provides the wheels to take customers wherever they need to go in comfort, style and exhilaration.

The Yamaha Motor Company Limited was established in 1955 as a Japanese manufacturer of motors, boats and, of course, motorcycles. The first bike the company produced was a single cylinder YA-1, which featured a two-cycle, 1,255cc engine. From the beginning, Yamaha produced an exceptional product; in the same year, the YA-1 triumphed in the 1,255 class of the Mt Fuji Ascent and swept the podium, collecting the top three prizes, in the All Japan Autobike Endurance Road Race.

Yamaha's expertise with two stroke engines really paid off, with a 250cc model winning its class at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1963. From this time, Yamaha's success saw the company setting up international arms, with a plant in Thailand in 1964 followed by The Netherlands getting its own subsidiary in 1968. This was also the year in which Yamaha produced its first four stroke model.
The 1970s were when Yamaha's four stroke models really came to prominence. Yamaha was an early player in the innovation in successful dirt bikes, producing single shock suspension, or monoshock, in 1973. In the 1980s, four stroke models became more popular and the market became more focused and diversified, with motorbikes for many specialised interests. In the 1990s, Yamaha refined its high-performance and cruiser models.

Today, Yamaha produces more than 10 different kinds of bikes, scooters and cruisers for all kinds of terrain. The motocross models, for example, are geared to produce power, with great handling and suspension, and need high-performance tyres front and rear to give riders full confidence and control.

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Along with engineering excellence, tyres are fundamental to motorbike performance. At Protyre, our experienced and enthusiastic staff know their Yamaha bikes and how to fit the tyres to deliver the performance you need. Tyres for Yamaha bikes are available at more than 30 of our centres. Protyre has thousands of different types of tyres in stock and, in most cases, can perform same day fittings. Whatever kind of bike you ride, we can have you back on the road burning rubber within a short time and at great prices that rev any engine. The top brands we stock include Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin.

Perhaps touring bikes are more your speed. We understand the critical differences between adventure tourers and sports models, and your desire to maximise features such as electronic suspension, cruise control, or fun features for short and long rides.

When it comes to road bikes, we have tyres to lift the performance of superbikes and technology developed to boost MotoGP models, along with heritage bikes engineered to provide excellence, classic experiences and retro features. If you need tyres for a scrambler-style vintage bike that combines modern engineered performance with all terrain capabilities, we have the tyres and the fitting specialists to take you there. We also look after trail bikes for hitting the rough stuff, and scooters whereby reliability and safety in traffic are paramount.

Below is a selection of the most popular Yamaha motorcycle models. For more information on the tyres suited to your Yamaha motorcycle, select a model from the options below: