About Honda

Honda is a brand that's known the world over, and this multinational company manufactures a comprehensive range of motorcycles for different purposes, from models for off road thrills, to bikes for the urban environment, touring and racing. Honda has been delivering superlative motorbikes for nearly 70 years, to take their riders wherever they want to go.

Honda is one of the leading motorcycle makers in the world, and the largest manufacturer of motorbikes in Japan. In the 1980s, Honda produced nearly three million motorcycles a year. In around half a century, 60 million Honda Super Cubs have been sold, to make this model the most popular motorbike in history, helping Japan become a dominant global player in the motorcycle market.

Soichiro Honda grew up with an interest in mechanics and began designing motorcycles in 1946. His first motorbike with an all Honda designed frame and engine was the Model D, or Dream, in 1949. A great success, it was quickly followed by the J Benly. The desire to make a more powerful model led to the four stroke E type Dream, which featured suspension for both of its wheels, and in 1952, production started on the Super Cub, with its two stroke, 50cc engine. In 1953, Honda started to make a more sophisticated four stroke model, with a three speed gearbox and front telescopic suspension. In 1958, the cheap, efficient, reliable Cub entered the American market, and started a revolution on two wheels.

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Honda Motorcycle Tyres

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Popular Honda Motorcycles

Below is a selection of the most popular models of Honda motorcycle. For more information on the tyres suited to your model of Honda motorcycle, click on one of the buttons below:

Honda 125

Over the years, Honda has produced over thirty models of 125cc motorcycles. The range has included race bikes, dirt bikes, economy tourers and all the others in between.
Honda 125 Tyres

Honda CBR 125R

The Honda CBR 125R is a four-stroke sport bike, part of the CBR series made by Honda and first came onto the market in 2004. The CBR 125R has the smallest-displacement engine of any CBR motorcycles.
Honda CBR 125 Tyres

Honda Fireblade

The Honda Fireblade is more commonly known as the CBR1000RR. It has a 998cc liquid-cooled, inline, four-cylinder engine and was first introduced by Honda in 2004 as part of the 7th generation of the CBR motorcycle series.
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Honda Gold Wing

Gold Wings are touring motorcycles that feature a shaft drive and a flat engine. First presented at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974, the Gold Wing is very popular in Western Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.
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Honda Grom

Referred to as the MSX125 in Europe and East Asia, the Honda Grom is an air-cooled, 125cc motorcycle that won the ‘USA Motorcycle of the Year’ prize in 2014. One of the Honda Grom’s more popular features is its fuel economy rating of 134 MPG.
Honda Grom Tyres

Honda CB1000

Honda is inventive when it comes to bikes, less so when it comes to their names. At least three different bikes have been called the CB1000; a sport-tourer dating from 1983 (sometimes called the CB1000C), the “super four” or “big one” produced between 1992 and 1996, and most recently the CB1000R naked superbike released in successive versions from 2008 to the present.
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Honda CB1300

The Honda CB1300 was first produced in 1998 but has undergone a few revisions over the years. Originally, it was an evolution of the CB1000 Super Four with an engine derived from the X4.
Honda CB1300 Tyres

Honda CM400T

Small, light and with classic retro styling, the Honda CM 400 T was aimed squarely at beginners, albeit newbies who could handle the not insignificant power at their disposal. Harking back to the so-called cafe racers of the 1960s. The Honda CM 400 T was the precursor to the legendary Honda Rebel bikes of the 70s and 80s.
Honda CM400T Tyres

Honda CB 750

One of the very best classic motorcycles ever produced is the Honda CB 750. Proving an extremely popular model, there were reportedly 553,000 CB 750s manufactured after the first model went into production in 1969.
Honda CB 750 Tyres

Honda CB 450

The Honda CB450 was a Honda standard motorcycle with a 444cc straight-twin engine. Producing 45 bhp, it was Honda's first "big" motorcycle. The CB450 had a distinctive chrome-sided fuel tank, and shared Honda's 'family' styling. Early models were known as the 'Black Bomber' or 'Dragon' but in Canada the K1 model was marketed as the 'Hellcat'.
Honda CB 450 Tyres

Honda CB 500

Honda CB500 twins were a family of medium-sized standard motorcycles produced by Honda from 1993 until 2003. Because of their low cost, reliability, and good handling they were popular with commuters, and Motorcycle couriers.
Honda CB 500 Tyres

Honda CBX 750

The CBX750, or RC17 is a Honda motorcycle sold in Europe, South Africa and Australia. Manufactured from 1984 to 1988, the CBX750 was developed from the CB750.
Honda Honda CBX 750 Tyres

Honda Helix CN250

The Honda CN 250 range is stylish, affordable and practical and suited to a range of conditions, no matter where you live. These motorcycles are innovative machines, renowned for their reliability and capability, allowing you to leave the standstill traffic of the city behind.
Honda Helix CN250 Tyres

Honda VTX1300

Built between 2002 and 2008 at Honda’s Ohio plant in the US, the Honda VTX 1300 is very much a long-distance cruiser in the style of marques such as Harley Davidson. It has a 1,312cc two-cylinder engine in retro-styled bodywork. Disc brakes front and rear ensure safe stopping.
Honda VTX1300 Tyres

Honda CJ 360T

The Honda CJ 360 T is a classic bike from the 1970s when the Japanese began their domination of the motorcycle market around the world. It had a relatively short life, being produced only from 1976 to 1977, making it a pretty rare bike today.
Honda Honda CJ 360T Tyres