Full motorcycle service: checklist & cost

Any vehicle that uses the public highways, motorcycles included, are required by law to be safe and roadworthy so they pose minimum hazards to the rider, passengers, other road users and pedestrians. That is why we have MOTs, and to make sure you pass it is always best to have a full-service check immediately before your annual test. However, there are many other good reasons for regular motorbike servicing, and many owners have two full services per year and intermediate tune-ups too.

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The additional benefits of a service are numerous. They include better fuel economy, better handling, fewer break-downs, lower long-term costs and improved re-sale value. Riding a freshly serviced bike is a good feeling. Even if developing issues are identified it allows you to anticipate future costs and budget for them.
Your service can be ‘a la carte’ or bespoke. In other words, you can let the garage go through a set list of checks and inspections or you can negotiate what you do and don’t want in advance. If the service is being conducted to guarantee an MOT pass it will encompass all the items specified by the MOT, but remember that an MOT is a safety test not a performance test so it does not include an examination of several critical parts – such as the engine, clutch and gearbox. Always agree with the garage what checks you need: our qualified fitters always offer impartial advice.

Steering and braking

Ensuring the brakes are in full working order is paramount when checking the safety of a motorcycle. Brake pistons and callipers will be checked and degreased. Your hydraulics will be tested and fluids topped up if needed. Control cables and levers will be cleaned and lubricated. A motorcycle service normally includes adjustments to the throttle and clutch and suspension checks. Our technicians always check your tyres but if you are aware of any vibration or steering issues alert the technician so they can examine your wheel alignment.


Lights and beam angles are important in an MOT, so these are always checked. The electrolytes and electrical behaviour of the battery is also a routine check.

Engine Checks

An engine usually includes an oil change. If you know you don’t need one point this out in advance. The oil and air filters should always be checked and are usually changed too. Checks also include spark plugs and coolants. If your motorcycle has an electronic dashboard and shows a fault, confirm with the particular garage that they have the necessary diagnostic tool ready.


Tyres affect a bike more than almost anything else, so we always check your tyres. Whether you are a commuter, racer, tourer or off-roader we have the perfect tyre for you. Recommended brands include the Avon Spirit and Cobra, or the famous Bridgestone Battlax range including the versatile Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross.

The cost!

The cost of a service depends on the bike (mostly its size), the checks requested, and the faults discovered. At Protyre the bill can be as low as £30, but big complex bikes with issues can be substantially more. Talk to your local Protyre garage about your budget if you are concerned about your bike’s condition. You can find their details using our online garage finder.

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