Best motorcycle tyres of 2020 (reviews)

There is a vast array of tyres available for your motorcycle, no matter what type of bike you have. Here we focus on some of the best-reviewed new tyres released in 2020.

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Michelin Pilot Road 4

The Pilot Road 4 is a brilliant tyre that can cope with classic British weather, ranging from pouring rain through to dry hot summer days. It is the most popular road-bike tyre on the market today and offers excellent performance, durability and grip, all at an attractive price.
If you ride in a variety of conditions but predominantly on the highway, these road tyres are a great choice.

Metzeler M9 RR

The replacement for the impressive and well-regarded M7, the M9 RR offers even better performance and is surely one of the best sports tyres available on the market today. The M9 RR was designed to give riders full confidence in all conditions and on varying road surfaces.
The M9 RR is the first ‘Supersport’ tyre with 100% silica, providing impressive levels of grip in all conditions. Optimum performance is achievable even in low temperatures and a fast warm-up time allows riders to confidently enjoy a smooth ride from the first corner through to the last. Peak performance is maintained throughout the life of the tyres.
The specially designed tread features substantial mid-lean water drainage, which can deal with wet conditions at high speeds whilst maintaining stability, this gives increased confidence in the rain. A dual-compound construction is used on both front and rear tyres. The softer compound on the shoulder offers stability on the straights with excellent grip and confidence when cornering, whilst the central compound is harder and helps maintain consistency throughout the tyre’s life.

Dunlop Mutant

The Dunlop Mutant could well be the ultimate crossover tyre. It can be used on dirt bikes, supermotos, naked bikes and sports tourers.
Featuring a unique tread pattern that is designed to cope with a range of environments, the Mutant gives outstanding performance in all-manner of conditions and across multiple different terrains. It uses a state-of-the-art, silica-rich compound that enables short warm-up times, excellent mileage, and superior performance, as well as offering excellent grip in the wet or dry.
The Mutant uses Multi-Tread (MT) technology that gives increased side grip, optimised handling and increased stability at high speeds. It was designed to give riders total confidence and eliminate any concerns surrounding performance in mixed conditions. This allows riders to enjoy their adventures no matter where they take place.

Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa SP

For track enthusiasts, this is definitely one of the best options on the market today. The tread pattern on the SuperCorsa SP is designed with one thing in mind: speed!
An out and out track tyre, this premium model is able to provide superb performance on dry tarmac. This can be optimised even further with the use of tire warmers prior to riding on the track.
Of course, there are some aspects that have to be sacrificed in order to achieve optimum track performance. The tyres will only reach their peak when hot, so are not suitable if you consistently ride in colder temperatures. They need heat to make them stick to the track surface, so they should only be used on tracks in warm climates.
Given the right climate, you should experience smooth cornering, maximum traction and excellent overall performance.

Michelin Power 5

One of a new range of Michelin tyres for sports bikes, the Power 5 is aimed at riders who use their bikes predominantly on public roads, no matter what the weather. Designed for a balance of 90% road and 10% off-road use, the Power 5 gives performance and comfort in the dry as well as safety should you be caught in a downpour. The Michelin Power 5 offers excellent performance and grip, good tyre life and neutral handling.

Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T32

A new replacement for the popular T31, the T32 offers improved wet performance. Braking distances in the wet are seven percent lower than the earlier model. Its contact patch is 13% larger than the T31, which contributes to improved handling. The T32 also continues to utilise Bridgestone’s special Pulse Groove Pattern Technology. This tyre is designed to give riders increased control and more confidence in the wet.
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