Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tyres

Adventure tyres are designed to cope with the rigours of touring a motorcycle. There are a range of tyres available for the different types of terrain you may encounter when on, or indeed off, the road, to allow you to get the best performance for the conditions you are in.
This article is written to give you the benefit of our tyre professionals' experience when it comes to selecting the best adventure touring motorcycle tyres.

General Guidance

Regardless as to the terrain and conditions in which you are going to be riding, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing tyres for your touring and adventures. Firstly, it is vital to ensure that any tyres fitted to your bike are capable of carrying the loads that you are subjecting them to. When touring on a bike, you are likely to be carrying a heavier load than in ordinary use and the tyres need to be up to the job.
Checking in your owner's manual, or looking up the details on your motorcycle manufacturer's website will give you all the information you will need regarding load ratings for your adventuring tyres.

To knobbly or not to knobbly, that is the question

Knobbly tyres are designed to be used on loose surfaces. Their tread provides an increased surface area which will throw material out from underneath the tyre, helping the bike to find something a little harder underneath to gain some traction.
The adventure tyres available today such as a Bridgestone Battlax AX41 are designed to provide great grip across a range of surfaces, whilst also having the benefit of being road legal. Tyres with serious grip designed for trail or motocross bikes are not road legal, which is an important factor to bear in mind when choosing.
Of course, having sporty tyres with tread such as the AX41 provides limitations when on tarmac. The tread on this style of tyre means that whilst they are excellent when negotiating loose terrain, they run hot when on tarmac, making them wear faster than more road suitable tyres such as the Battlax T31.

The Need for Speed

Another aspect to bear in mind in selecting your adventure tyres is the speed rating. The more specialised the tyre is, the more likely it is to have a lower maximum speed. Check out the tyre manufacturer's documentation, which will tell you precisely how fast the tyres can work whilst remaining safe.

The Life Expectancy of Adventure Tyres

Generally speaking, the more knobbly a tyre is, the faster it is likely to wear out and require replacement. A set of tarmac-friendly adventure tyres could last you up to 8,000 miles, but something sportier could last half as long due to the movement of the rubber in finding grip and moving loose material when riding.
A major factor on tyre life, however, is the way in which you ride your bike. A smooth rider who accelerates carefully and corners in a gentle manner will find their tyres last a lot longer than one who constantly rides as if they were trying to overtake Valentino Rossi.
The experts at Protyre can help you select the best tyres for your bike and riding habits. Just book a free tyre check to get started.

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