Cruiser Tyres

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes and consequently there’s a wide choice of tyres available depending on the type of bike you have and your riding needs. If you have a custom or cruiser bike, for example, your needs will be very different from if you have a scrambler.

A number of considerations go into choosing custom motorcycle tyres. First of all, you need to consider the power and weight of the machine. If you are carrying luggage or a passenger then you will be placing a greater load on the tyres.
Tyres have a rating for both speed and load and you should take both of these factors into account when making your choice. In our experience here at Protyre, many people like to stay with the brand of tyre that their bike was originally equipped with. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t change to a different tyre if you want to. We stock many popular makes including Sumitomo and Bridgestone, so there are options available to suit all needs and all pockets.
There’s an important choice to be made between crossply and radial tyres too. Crossplies generally are more compliant so will give a softer ride at the expense of handling. Note too that if you mix tyres, the radial must be on the rear and the crossply on the front - it’s illegal the other way round. Here again, you may want to be guided by the tyres that your bike originally came equipped with.
Choosing custom motorcycle tyres can be tricky but our tyre professionals here at Protyre are always happy to offer advice and guidance to make sure that you get the correct solution for your needs.
With custom machines, it’s often the case that the look of the bike is important, so this can inform your choice of rubber too. Treads are generally designed to look smart, but you need to be aware of the effect that tread patterns have on the way the tyre performs. Knobblier treads, for example, will wear faster since the tread blocks generate more heat.
Note too that modern tyres are often designed to work as a pair, exploiting the fact that in the wet, the rear tyre is running on tarmac already cleared of some water by the front.
How long tyres for your custom bike will last will obviously depend on how many miles you are covering and how you ride. It’s also important to run your tyres at the correct pressure in order to prolong their life, make sure you get good ride and handling, and ensure good fuel economy.
If you only use your bike in summer, then when it’s stored over the winter months you should ideally keep it on stands so that the wheels are off the ground to prevent flat spots. If you can’t do this, move it occasionally so that the wheels turn through 90 degrees and keep the pressures topped up.
If you need any advice about your bike tyres you can call your local Protyre garage for a free check or book one online via our website.

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