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Choosing the Right Tyres for Your Motorcycle

When searching for the perfect tyres for your motorcycle, it's crucial to consider the various types available. Premium motorcycle tyres offer superior performance and durability, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride.


Choosing a Brand

Choosing a reputable tyre brand is essential for ensuring quality, reliability, and performance. Leading brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Avon offer a wide range of tyre options to suit various motorcycle types and riding conditions.


Each tyre brand offers unique features, advanced technologies, and a strong reputation. By researching and comparing different brands, you can find the one that best meets your specific needs and preferences. Our detailed tyre brand pages provide comprehensive information on each manufacturer, assisting you in making an informed choice for your motorcycle. Explore the benefits of Bridgestone motorcycle tyres, Continental motorcycle tyres, Dunlop motorcycle tyres, Michelin motorcycle tyres, Pirelli motorcycle tyres, Metzeler motorcycle tyres, Eurogrip motorcycle tyres, and Avon motorcycle tyres to find the perfect match for your motorcycle.

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If you’re looking to buy quality tyres, need expert bike MOT services and want specialist motorcycle tyre fitting from a workshop near you, choose Protyre.

Since 1972, we’ve sourced the best motorbike tyres for sale, grown a vast UK network of motorcycle tyre shops, and developed a constant focus on quality and safety. All this means you can get riding as quickly as possible, confident your two wheels will take you wherever you need to go.

Find your motorcycle tyres online, and book a motorbike tyre fitting, service or MOT with the simple-to-use widgets on this page. Contact our team if you have any questions.

How to buy Motorcycle tyres online with Protyre

Finding the right bike tyres near you is easy with Protyre:

Enter the size and ratings of your motorcycle tyre into our tyre search widget so we can show you what tyres fit your motorcycle.

Add your postcode to see the next available fitting at your local UK Protyre garage.

Book and pay for your motorcycle tyres online with our secure checkout and get guaranteed fitment at your chosen garage.

When ordering your motorcycle tyres, please bear in mind that prices may vary depending on the model of motorcycle. For example, 'cruiser fit' appointments will be priced differently to 'standard fit' appointments due to the additional time it takes to fit the tyres. Please check with your local branch for more information.

Choosing the right tyres for your Motorcycle

The single most important component on any motorcycle is its tyres and whatever style of bike you’re riding, we’ve got the motorbike tyres for you. We offer the biggest brand names in motorcycle tyres including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler. In addition, we hold massive stocks of bike tyres with the majority available on a same/next day fitting, offering a fit to bike service available at 30 of our Protyre fitting centres.

Motorcycle tyres are built for performance whether you ride a Harley or a sports bike. Our years of experience tell us that your motorcycle's tyres should combine comfort and precision with exceptional handling and traction plus great water displacement for the ultimate in safety in the wet. The roads you ride, the performance you expect and the durability you need will also help to dictate the type of tyres you buy.

When ordering Motorcycle tyres, please bear in mind that prices may vary depending on the model of motorcycle - for example, 'Cruiser fit' appointments will be priced differently to 'standard fit' appointments due to the additional time it takes to fit the tyres. Please check with your local branch for more information.

Motorcycle tyre brands in stock at Protyre

The single most important components on any motorcycle are the tyres, so it makes sense to buy motorbike tyres you can trust from brands with the right technology, heritage and reputation.

Whatever style of bike you’re riding, we’ve got the right motorbike tyres for you, near you.


By choosing Bridgestone bike tyres, you benefit from over 90 years of bike tyre manufacturing heritage, plus technology and design borrowed from the company’s tyre making across other vehicle types. The brand offers motorbike tyres for all makes and models, so whether your ride is small or large, there’s likely a Bridgestone for you. Shop Bridgestone bike tyres


A great choice for all types of rider, Avon tyres are a classic choice. When you ride Avon, you can rest assured your bike tyres have been tested rigorously beyond all important standards and regulations. They offer a range for classic motorcycles too. View Avon motorcycle tyres


Continental bike tyres have been wowing riders for over 140 years. A fine example of precision German design at its finest, they offer a fantastic ride across a great variety of motorcycle types. Browse the range then find a bike tyre store that fits them near you. Browse Continental motorbike tyres


A global brand with 45 years’ experience in the field, Maxxis make hardy, reliable tyres for all sorts of bikes. A great-quality economy brand, Maxxis can be relied on to get you from A to B safely and quickly. Explore our Maxxis tyre range


Since 1889, Dunlop have been producing world-renowned tyres made right here in the UK. Available for all sorts of bikes, spanning sports, off-road, cruisers and more, they’ll give your machine great grip, dry- and wet-run performance, as well as potentially improving your fuel economy. View Dunlop motorcycle tyres


French tyre brand Michelin is one of the world’s most recognisable motorcycle tyre manufacturers. For smaller bikes they offer brilliant urban performance, while their entries into the sports bike tyre arena offer incredible cornering lean abilities and excellent control when braking. Browse Michelin bike tyres


Boasting a storied history stretching back to 1872, Pirelli’s sports tyre manufacturing prestige is globally known. Their motorbike tyres, however, span the whole market, enabling practically every rider to benefit from thrilling Italian performance and robust safety from a leading European brand. See all Pirelli bike tyres.


One of the best independent bike brands out there, Metzeler tyres bring UK riders terrific ride quality. Designed by bike-lovers, they offer high grip and good lean, while providing a comfortable experience for riders of all kinds of motorcycles. See our range and find a bike tyre shop near you today. Shop Metzeler tyres

What are motorcycle tyres?

Motorcycle tyres are the rubber outer rims of the wheels of motorbikes. Designed and built durable, they feature different construction types and tread patterns to suit different types of motorcycles and surface conditions.

Whether you ride a Harley Davidson or a sports bike, motorcycle tyres are built to ensure performance. They should combine ride comfort and steering precision with exceptional handling and traction. What’s more, they need to offer great water displacement for maximum safety when your bike is cutting through wet weather.

Raised writing on the sidewall of the motorbike tyre shows the width, height, rim size, speed rating and load rating – crucial information when looking for motorbike tyres for sale. Additionally, the roads you ride, bike you own, luggage you haul, passengers on pillion, performance you expect, and your riding style will all also dictate the type of bike tyres you buy.

Understanding motorcycle tyre tread depth requirements

When checking your motorcycle tyres, always keep the tyre tread greater than a minimum of 2mm for the greatest safety and security. The minimum depth of motorbike tyre tread is 1mm, but you’ll have greater road contact and stability if you change your tyres before they wear to such an extent.

Weight also has an impact. If you carry a pillion passenger or heavy loads with any frequency, adjust your tyre pressure by adding 3-5 PSI to compensate for the extra weight and protect your tread.

You can always use the 20p test to make sure your tyre tread is legal. Just insert a 20p piece into the tread and if the duller outside rim of the tails face of the coin is still visible, your tyres are likely below the legal limit.

What are the different types of motorcycle tyres?

There are countless types of motorbike tyres for sale on Protyre. We offer tyres for scooters, motocross, off-road, adventure, sport, sport touring, racing street, and custom. All come from the best manufacturers and are stored, sold and fitted in trusted UK motorcycle garages near you.

Looking at the design of motorcycle tyres, there are three main construction types available:

Cross-ply – Cross-ply motorcycle tyres are those that require an inner tube. Crafted from a weave of cords beneath the rubber, they are strong, thick and, thanks to the inner tube, comfortable to ride, making them common on cruisers and slower bikes.

Bias belted – Bias belt tyres are a type of cross-ply that feature extra cords within the centre of the tyre to support extra weight.

Radial – Radial tyres are those that do not require an inner tube. A newer motorbike tyre design than cross-ply, they feature a central belt that holds up the rest of the tyre. This makes them very rigid but does improve steadiness, especially under extreme cornering tilts and speeds. That means they’re the tyre of choice for sports bikes that are relied on to precisely respond to the rider.

What is the price of online bike tyres?

The motorcycle tyres for sale in our range span from £20 for cheap motorcycle tyres at the lower end of the spectrum, to over £200 for the most technologically advanced, premium tyres.

The selection at Protyre spans all budgets, brands and requirements, but before you buy it’s important to consider how and what you ride before you try to reduce your online bike tyre price.

Certain bikes call for specialised tyres, while others might not necessarily benefit from having the best-quality tyres installed. So, if in doubt, call our experts on 0333 060 4019 to learn more.

Why you should choose Protyre for motorcycle tyres and fitting near you

The people at Protyre are your local motorcycle tyre experts. All the bike tyre shops in our almost 160-strong UK network hold a massive stock of tyres, with most available with same- or next-day fitting thanks to our fit to bike service available at 30 of our Protyre fitting centres.

As well as motorbike tyres for sale, we offer MOTs and servicing too, giving you a complete answer to all your motorbike maintenance needs.

As the UK's largest retailer of motorcycle tyres, you can trust us to get the job done right first time. All our tyre professionals are fully qualified fitters with years of experience dealing with every type of motorcycle – from 50cc starter bikes to full-throttled cruisers. We have an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot thanks to our local, yet UK-wide, no-nonsense approach to selling and fitting your bike tyres.

We know that the quality of your tyres has the single biggest impact on whether you get from A to B safely. That’s why the correct motorbike tyre type and fit are essential. Learn to read your tyre sidewalls using our handy graphic in the left-hand widget on this page, then search for the best tyres for your motorcycle using the Protyre search function.

Find the right tyres for the ride in your life. Input your postcode to find a Protyre motorcycle garage near you and benefit from our winning combination of great choice and even better prices.

For more information, call our team on 0333 060 4019 – they’ll be happy to answer any questions about motorcycle tyres you have and help you get the best pair of tyres for the job, plus unbeatable MOTs and servicing.

How to find the correct Motorcycle Tyres

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  2. Add your postcode to see the next available fitting at your local Protyre garage.

  3. Book and pay for your motorcycle tyres online with our secure checkout for guaranteed fitment at your chosen garage.

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