When should I get my car MOT done?

When your car reaches the age of three, it is your responsibility as a motorist to get an MOT. The MOT comprises a series of tests to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive on public thoroughfares, is not polluting the environment and is generally roadworthy. Once your car needs an MOT, this is something that you should have carried out every year as there must be a valid MOT certificate on your car at all times.
It is very risky to drive without a valid MOT as you can be fined up to £1,000. In addition, a lapsed MOT can render your insurance invalid, leaving you vulnerable to huge repair bills should there be an accident, as well as being levied with fines and demerit points on your licence for not having insurance as well.
Your vehicle’s MOT must be renewed before the expiry date. Once the MOT has lapsed, you cannot drive the car without being open to prosecution. The only exception is if you are on the way to an MOT test, but you must have proof of the booking should you be pulled over by the police.

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At the earliest, an MOT can be renewed in the month before the current MOT expires (minus one day). Renewing your MOT anytime in that month coming up to the expiry date will not affect the renewal date for the following year. Protyre MOTs represent great value, and you can easily book one on our website. If you are unsure as to when the MOT for your car is due, you can enter the vehicle’s details in our handy checking facility to find out the date.
At Protyre our mechanics are fully qualified and will assess your car for its MOT with enthusiasm and efficiency. Protyre operates an extensive network comprising more than a hundred Protyre garages, so locating a convenient Protyre garage is easy. We have earned an enviable reputation for great service, and there are free MOT retests for all our customers.
Protyre is one of the largest garage networks approved by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and we carry out thousands of MOTs every year. Due to its digital database, the DVSA now has MOT records that can be checked in an instant, so driving without a valid MOT is a risk that is simply not worth the potential penalties. Some of the MOT checks will be focused on your tyres, whether they have enough tread or any potentially hazardous bald areas; at Protyre we are experts in tyre maintenance and can advise on tyre pressures, minimising uneven wear, and tyre rotation to spread the stresses of cornering and weight distribution. With a large range of tyres by reputable manufacturers, we can also replace tyres when it is necessary.
No one really enjoys getting that MOT updated annually, but it is important to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the roads. Make note of when your MOT expires, or find out when it does on the Protyre website, and know that essentially you have a month to get a new MOT and continue driving with total peace of mind.

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