Penalty for Driving Without an MOT

Once a vehicle is over three years old, getting an annual MOT is an essential event to put on the calendar as a current MOT certificate is a legal requirement. Getting that MOT done at the right time is part of your responsibility as a motorist, and an MOT comprises a range of checks to ensure that your vehicle is not polluting the environment, is roadworthy, and is not a danger to others. Any number of car parts, from windscreen wipers to tyres and brakes could pose a danger to you and other motorists or pedestrians if they are not working properly.
The MOT for your car must always be current, and needs to be renewed before it expires.

Once the MOT has expired, you should not drive the car as you are not allowed on public roads, and the insurance for your vehicle will be invalid meaning that you could face penalties. The only exception is if you have already booked your car in for its MOT and are driving to the appointment. However, if you are stopped by the police under these circumstances, you will need to prove that you do have a booking at an MOT test centre.

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The fine for driving without a valid MOT can be up to £1,000: a lot of money to risk when an MOT can cost from as little as £29.99. In addition, driving without a valid MOT may lead to your car being impounded, and there are additional penalties for driving without insurance. An on-the-spot fine from the police for driving with no insurance could cost £300, with six points on your licence. If the case goes to court, the financial penalties could be a lot higher. If you are involved in an accident without a valid MOT, you could be liable for all repairs, including those of any other parties involved, as insurers will deem your cover invalid. The MOT database is now completely computerised, and the police can check records almost instantly to catch out illegal motorists.

While setting aside time each year to renew your MOT may seem like a hassle, it contributes to greater safety on the roads, for you and other road users, and the penalties for an invalid MOT are really not worth the risk. You have one month before an MOT expires to get another one, so put the date in your diary and find a garage where you can get an MOT quickly and efficiently.

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