What do you need to take to an MOT Test?

Which of the following items do you think you’ll need to take with you when you deliver your vehicle to one of our testing centres for an MOT test?
The appointment letter; vehicle registration logbook V5C(NI); current tax disk; vehicle insurance certificate; previous MOT certificate; driving license; proof of address; service history; any current Certificate or Notice of Refusal; the bus fare home.

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The answer is, in fact, none of the above. All approved testing centres can now access the necessary documentation online thanks to a recently concluded Government scheme. And you shouldn’t need the bus fare home because, provided that you’ve come at the time you’re booked in for, our efficient and experienced mechanics won’t keep you waiting.
Even if remedial works are agreed with the garage, you can still book a convenient time to return the vehicle for them to be carried out.

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You’ll need the test fee of course unless you’ve pre-paid. MOT test prices vary according to the type of vehicle you own and the deals currently being offered by the garage. Test centres are only allowed by law to charge up to the official DVSA (formerly the DVLA) maximum fee. You can check them here.

We offer attractive discounts on DVSA rates, or other bundled incentives.To book your MOT online click on the link below:

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MOT certificates

If your vehicle passes its MOT, you will receive an MOT certificate from the test centre and the result will be recorded in the MOT database. If additional work is required on the vehicle, you may receive a list of advisories or minor problems that will need monitoring and fixing in the future. DO NOT ignore advisories. Ignoring them could lead to minor issues becoming major problems and most importantly, could affect the safety of you and your passengers, which as a result, could end up being very expensive to fix. At Protyre, we advise that you seek the expert advice of our experienced and trustworthy technicians to understand when these issues will need fixing.

The new MOT test certificates are larger (A4 instead of A5) and are no longer watermarked. This is because they are now just a record for the vehicle owner and driver. They record when the next test is due and any advisory notices issued by the examiners.

What do I do if I have lost my MOT certificate?

Lost your MOT certificate? Don't worry, you can get a replacement, just follow the steps below:

  • Contact an MOT centre (it doesn't have to be the one that did the MOT Test)

  • Give the centre the vehicle registration number and the V5C (log book) reference number

  • The MOT centre can then provide you with a replacement certificate

Unfortunately you cannot apply for a new MOT certificate online.

Tax certificates

Tax discs, of course, were made redundant by computerisation in late 2014, and police cameras are now used to automatically check number plates against centralised computer records.
It’s still legal to drive an untaxed vehicle to and from the test centre for a pre-arranged MOT test provided that you have adequate insurance cover in place. However, the new system has caused a few problems and police are rumoured to have accidentally seized and crushed at least one vehicle due to a computer error, so keep those documents safe! If you’ve just bought a used car, remember that you now need a new tax disc straight away.

Leaving documents in your vehicle

Some people always carry their Tax, MOT., insurance, logbook and license in the car just in case they are stopped by the police. However, even the police advise against this. Were anything to happen to your car it’s not ideal to be parted from your proof of ownership, insurance policy details and a license that could be used for identity theft. Although it’s a good idea to keep most of these things together, the glove compartment isn’t the best place. If the police need to see your documentation, what they actually do is issue a notice for you to produce them within a few days at a police station.

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