All You Need to Know About MOT Tests

When is My MOT Test Due?

By law, all vehicles over 3 years old require an MOT. So if your vehicle was registered more than 3 years ago, you need to submit your car, van or motorised vehicle for an annual safety check otherwise know as an MOT Test. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is examined every 12 months.

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What Does an MOT Test Include?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA (formerly VOSA) authorises garages and individuals to perform a series of comprehensive checks and a thorough inspection.

Service professionals check the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle.

The result are recorded, and if the vehicle passes, a VT20 pass certificate is issued and will last for one year. Should your vehicle fail then a VT30 failure document is issued that states a Failure Code indicating the reason for the failure.

It is worth taking the time before your MOT test to understand The Most Common Reasons for MOT Failures and The Top Ten Things to Check Before Your Next MOT.

If you do fail your MOT test you might be eligible for a free MOT retest

Items that are not quite a failure, but worthy of a mention to you so you can keep an eye on them are drawn to your attention as ‘advisory’ items.

Why Have an MOT Test?

The purpose of an MOT is to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe, but aside from the obvious safety reasons there are some factors to consider:

  • After 3 years, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a current MOT certificate

  • You will be unable to renew your road fund license without a valid MOT certificate

  • Police and mobile camera units can now check remotely to see if your vehicle has a current MOT, The penalty for not having an up to date MOT certificate could be a hefty fine.

  • Should your vehicle become involved in an accident insurance claims may be adversely affected if you do not own a current MOT certificate.

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