Motorcycle MOTs

Just like a car, if your motorcycle or scooter is over three years old, it must undergo an annual motorbike MOT check. If you don't have one, you will be putting yourself, other road users, and your bike at risk, as well as a £1,000 fine.

Whether you want a scooter MOT, motorbike MOT or moped MOT, if you’re unsure whether you need one, use our free MOT checker tool. You’ll be able to see your test expiry date and mileage at the time of the last test too. Otherwise, book your bike MOT below.

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Motorcycle MOT test requirements and common failures

There are 15 different motorcycle MOT requirements that your bike will be tested against, including whether the horn is working and is of the correct type, the footrests are securely attached, and legibility of your frame number, vehicle ID, and registration plates. You can see a full list of the MOT rules for motorcycles via the government website.
The five most common MOT fails for bikes in July to September 2019, when 16.8% of bikes failed their initial MOT test, were the lamps and reflectors, brakes, structure and attachments, suspension, and tyres. Below are a few helpful checks you can carry out yourself to reduce the chance of your motorcycle failing its MOT test.

Lamps and reflectors

9.2% of bike MOT tests failed because their lights and reflectors were defective, making up 39.2% of all defects. Check that your lights aren't chipped and that all your bulbs are working. Also check that full and dip beams, indicators, and hazard lights are all fully operational.


4.1% of all tests failed due to problems with the brakes, counting for 17.4% of all defects. The motorcycle MOT examiner will check every inch of your brake hoses for signs of leaking and cracking and will also make sure that your brake shoes or pads aren't worn. If you have ABS brakes, the indicator light will also need to be working properly.

Structure and attachments

2.8% of all tests between July and September 2019 failed on this category, making up 11.2% of all defects. The motorbike MOT tester will inspect the bike’s frame and attachments such as the exhaust and fuel system, as well as the seat and riding controls, so double check these are in good condition before your test.


Comprising 2.5% of all failed tests and 9.6% of all defects, your bike MOT tester will look for looseness in the suspension and leaking oil – both reasons for MOT fails.


Misalignment between front and rear wheels, bent and broken spokes and insufficient tyre tread will fail your motorcycle – 9.5% of all defects found during motorcycle MOT tests are due to the tyres, failing 2.6% of all tests.


Check that your steering is moving freely and your handlebars are secure. Steering issues are another of the main reasons why motorcycles fail their MOT.


If your exhaust is too noisy, you will need to start thinking about a service and a re-test. The exhaust must be in good condition and safely mounted to the frame. If you've changed the exhaust from the OEM, then you'll need a BSAU 193 stamp.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an MOT?

Yes, you do need an MOT. If you don't have a valid MOT certificate, then you will be unable to tax your motorcycle and use it legally on the roads.

What do I need to bring for a motorcycle MOT test?

You don’t have to bring anything to your motorcycle MOT test as Protyre centres can now access all necessary records thanks to a new government scheme.
However, if you want to speed up the process slightly, bring the appointment letter, vehicle registration logbook V5C, current tax disk, vehicle insurance certificate, previous MOT certificate, driving licence, proof of address, service history, and any current Certificate or Notice of Refusal.

When is a motorcycle MOT-exempt?

A motorcycle is MOT-exempt after it reaches 40 years of age. That said, it still must be road-legal and in the same condition it would need to be in if it were to pass a motorcycle MOT test. It must also not be given any‘substantial changes’ (modifications). If you get into an accident that was your fault, or due to the poor condition of the bike, you will be liable.

Does a 40-year-old motorcycle need an MOT?

No, a 40-year-old motorcycle does not need an MOT unless it is modified heavily.

Does a motorcycle need a speedo for its MOT?

No, you don’t need a working speedo to pass your MOT. However, your tester will look at your mileometer, which can be within the speedo component, and without a speedo you will be unable to see how fast you are travelling, so it’s important yours works.

Do I need mirrors on my motorcycle for my MOT?

No, you don’t need mirrors to pass your MOT. That said, your awareness of road hazards will be reduced if you don’t have them installed, so you should consider having a set fitted to reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

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