How to Check MOT History

Ensuring that your vehicle has a valid MOT is an important part of being a motorist in the UK. If your vehicle is three years old or more, an annual MOT is required by law. It is important to ask yourself "what is the MOT history of my car " and to ask the same question of any car you might think about buying.
To manage the MOT history of your car, one of the easiest ways is to keep all the relevant paperwork in one handy folder for easy reference. If you ever want to see the vehicle, this paperwork will also be appreciated by anyone thinking of buying the car. Any prospective owner will want to know that the vehicle has a valid MOT and what issues the car may have faced in its most recent assessment.
Another way of checking is to use the website to check MOT histories online. You can do this with the car’s registration for MOTs conducted in England, Wales or Scotland since 2005. This is a helpful resource, providing details such as the car’s mileage, where the MOT was carried out and what the issues were.
An MOT must be current. Once it has expired, the vehicle cannot be driven on public roads, or the driver may be prosecuted.
One key section of any MOT will focus on the state of your tyres. Even if you have great tyres from Pirelli or Bridgestone, they will eventually succumb to wear and qualified fitters will identify any sources of potential danger from bald patches that could lead to skidding or tyres blowing out. The tyre professionals at Protyre are used to dealing with top brands of tyres such as Sumitomo, Falken or Pirelli every day. They will measure the tyre tread, look for wear and rebalance where necessary to keep you safe.
Years of experience tell us that quality tyres from the leading brands are not only essential to driving pleasure and safety, but that they also require checks and maintenance from qualified fitters who can advise on tyre pressure, rotation, and replacement of tyres when necessary.

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At Protyre, we have a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable mechanics with years of experience in conducting MOTs on a wide range of vehicles. An MOT from Protyre is excellent value and we are actually one of the largest DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved test centre groups operating in the UK. Protyre undertakes thousands of MOTs every year for busy drivers with a minimum of fuss.
Our website also has a handy online booking form. In our experience, it’s always best to know exactly when an MOT is due. If you are not sure, then just enter your car’s registration details on our website and we will tell you.
Getting your annual MOT with Protyre is quick and simple. It is an important element of driving safety, so let us take care of it for you. Make sure you know when the MOT is due, and simply book online or give us a call to arrange your quick, hassle-free MOT.

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