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If you're wondering what cars don't need an MOT, recent rule changes make it much simpler to determine whether a certain vehicle is exempt from testing or not.
In 2018, the Department for Transport (DfT) exempted all cars more than 40 years old from MOT testing. According to the Dft, the reason for this change is that cars older than 40 years tend to be driven infrequently and are usually well-maintained by their owners. Most vehicles of this age will, essentially, be cherished classics.
There were also concerns that many garages might not be able to appropriately test older vehicles as modern MOTs are geared toward contemporary vehicle designs.
There were some calls for a simple biennial test for cars over the age of 40 years. This test would have included basic safety checks and tests on brakes and other vital aspects of the vehicle. However, the Dft declined to introduce this measure after consultation, instead preferring to rely on voluntary tests initiated by vehicle owners.

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Voluntary testing

It's important for classic car owners to bear in mind that all vehicles - whether MOT exempt or not - must be in roadworthy condition. This is a prerequisite in any insurance policy, so you should ensure that your vehicle remains in a good state of repair at all times. The law requires that drivers avoid driving with defective brakes and bald tyres, so without a compulsory annual MOT, the onus is very much on the individual to ensure that they submit their vehicle for voluntary testing if it's required.
Prior to the 2018 changes, only cars built earlier than 1960 were MOT exempt, but the new rules mean that thousands more vehicles no longer need to have an annual MOT. The revised regime also means that the MOT exemption age is now the same as that of road tax exemption.
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We hope this article has helped to provide some clarity as to what cars don’t need an MOT. If you have any questions about which tyres are best for your MOT exempt car, please drop us a line via the website or call into any one of our nationwide garages for expert help and advice.
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