MOT Grace Period Before Renewal

Some motorists may be under the impression that there is a period of grace regarding renewing a lapsed MOT, but this is sadly not the case. The only exception to this is if you already have a booking for the vehicle to be tested and are driving it to the MOT test centre. An MOT must be renewed before it expires. Once it expires, this means you cannot drive your car on public roads, your vehicle insurance will not be valid, and drivers could be prosecuted.

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The MOT is an important part of your responsibility as a motorist, as this annual check for cars that are more than three years old determines if the vehicle is roadworthy, environmentally safe, and fit to drive on public thoroughfares.

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 An automobile with faulty brakes, for example, could be a hazard to other drivers, pedestrians and the person driving the car. An MOT can be renewed in the month before the current MOT expires.
MOT is actually short for Ministry of Transport test, even though this department has been replaced by the Department for Transport. Having your MOT conducted annually, with time to fix any problems that have been overlooked or are revealed during testing, is a must.

Where can I  get an MOT test for my vehicle?

At Protyre we have enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff members who will accurately assess your car and carry out your MOT. Protyre runs a large network of garages- more than a hundred - so finding a Protyre garage for an MOT is easy. Motorists can relax knowing our fully qualified mechanics are taking care of their car, while our acclaimed Protyre service also includes free MOT retests for all our valued clients.

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A Protyre MOT delivers great value, with prices starting at a cheap £29.95 and Protyre staff are committed to doing all the required checks with as little hassle as possible. Protyre in fact, comprises one of the largest DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved group of test centres in the UK. Protyre performs many thousands of MOTs every year to the highest standards, while issuing MOT certificates with minimal fuss for busy drivers. The DVSA has digitised its MOT database, meaning that records can be checked almost instantly by computer, so not getting your MOT done is a risk to be avoided.

What is the penalty if my vehicle does not have an MOT?

It is a compulsory requirement that vehicles over 3 years old have an MOT test anually. If you are caught driving a vehicle that does not have a valid MOT certificate, you will incur a £1000 fine. 

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Not sure when your MOT test is due? 

No problem! Use our UK MOT Checker to find out. Don't worry it's absolutely FREE! The Protyre website also has a handy online booking form, so if you think your MOT date is approaching but are not entirely sure, then you can enter your car’s registration details on the website and find out when its MOT is due.

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Part of your MOT will focus on your tyres: whether they have any potentially dangerous bald patches that could cause skidding or blowouts, and whether there is enough tread left on them. As tyre experts, Protyre mechanics can evaluate tyre wear; if tyres need to be rotated; give advice on tyre pressure, which can affect wear and tear; and even replace tyres when necessary.

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While getting that annual MOT may seem like a nuisance, it is actually a significant part of driving safety and ensures cars on the road are fit for purpose. So mark the date of expiry and note the date one month before and give Protyre a call to book a trouble-free MOT.