Is an MOT Valid on the day it expires?

To drive a vehicle in the UK, you’ll need insurance, tax and a valid MOT. You risk a fine of up to £1000 if you drive without a valid MOT and you can only drive your vehicle to get it repaired or to attend a pre-arranged MOT test.

What’s an MOT?

The Ministry of Transport test (MOT) is a test to confirm that a vehicle meets the minimum safety standard to be driven on UK roads. Once a car is three years old, it needs to pass the MOT which consists of a range of checks on brakes, lights, exhaust system, windscreen wipers and more.

How long is my MOT valid for?

Once your vehicle passes its MOT, the test certificate is valid for 12 months.

So is my MOT valid on the day that it expires?

Common sense says that the date of expiry lasts until midnight, but if you’re driving your car on that date you’d be wise to be driving to the test centre! You don’t have to wait until the MOT expiry date to renew your MOT. In fact, according to you can book in up to a month, minus one day, before the expiry date but still keep the same renewal date.
Let’s say your MOT runs out on 15 August. If you want to keep the same renewal date then you could book your MOT for the 16 July and still keep your renewal date. That means your MOT will effectively run for 13 months.
If you get your MOT renewed any earlier, your renewal date will be in 12 months, minus one day. Which means that if you take your car for an MOT before the 14 July, your expiry date will now be 13 July the following year.

Need an MOT?
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Not sure when your MOT is?
No problem! Use our handy MOT Checker to find out.

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Will my car fail its MOT?

There are 4 main reasons for MOT failures and you can avoid them all with regular maintenance and free car checks from Protyre. Before you take your car for its MOT carry out these simple checks:

  • Check your lights: 30% of all failures relate to faulty lighting. Your bulbs are easy to check and replace, or get your Protyre garage to do it for you
  • Check your tyres: do the 20p test on your tyres and check that the pressure is correct. 10% of vehicles fail the MOT because drivers didn’t perform these basic checks
  • Check your brakes: 1 in 10 failures relate to issues with your brakes. Test brake fluid levels and brake pedals
  • Check windows and mirrors: another common failure relates to the driver's view of the road. Make sure your wipers and washers are working perfectly and that your view isn’t obstructed with stickers and air fresheners

Save money when you book your service and MOT together

Years of experience tell us that you can save substantial sums by booking your annual service and MOT together. At Protyre we go one better. Not only can you book in for your service and MOT at the same time, but you can also book online. Simply choose your preferred service type and add an MOT during checkout to get for just £20! 

Benefit from our free vehicle checks that will highlight any issues which can be fixed during your service. You’ll sail through your MOT and be safe to drive for another 12 months.