How Long Does an MOT Take?

A car MOT needn’t take very long - in fact, it can be done in as little as an hour. However, you’ll need to book the car in. The MOT section of a trusted local garage will be permanently busy, so your car will probably be one of several being tested each day. If you want a particular day or time, you’d be well advised to make the booking in the month before the MOT expires. That way, you have some wiggle room if the appointment for a specific day or time can’t take place until the next week.

Fitting in with Morning Commutes and School Runs

Many people commute to work using their cars and want to drop the car off on their way to a railway station, picking it up after work on their way home. This is fine as long as the car is booked in. Most garages are open by 8am so that people can leave their keys with reception and get on their way. However, employers are becoming more flexible and more jobs can be done from home for a day, so many car owners work from home or simply take a day’s leave on MOT day.
Similarly, the school run takes precedence for parents, so they are the next group of owners to drop their cars off, and they have to have their cars back in time for the afternoon pick-up.
It’s essential to leave a mobile number because if the car fails its test, the garage will call you to explain what needs doing and give you an estimate. If the fault can be fixed that day, you can pay and get the new MOT certificate when you pick the car up. If the repair involves ordering a part, it’s much better to get it ordered early in the day so that you can make a booking to have the repair done quickly - possibly even the next day when the part arrives.

Why It’s Much Better to Book an Early MOT

You can book an MOT up to a month before the expiry of the old MOT certificate, and the new certificate will run until 12 months after the end date of the old certificate. This is great if your car doesn’t pass, because you may continue to drive it on the old certificate while you get it repaired and retested.
However, there is a caveat. If the car is not roadworthy - for example, if the brakes aren’t working - it’s illegal to drive it whether or not the previous MOT has run out.
Many drivers book a service at the same time as the MOT - this can save money because garages frequently offer a bundled deal. If they are checking the car over, it’s quicker to do minor maintenance jobs on the same day, and it saves you bringing the car in twice. Alternatively, if it’s a major service and the car is out of its free servicing period, some drivers book it in separately to spread the cost.
Either way, it’s a good feeling to drive away in a car that a garage you trust has declared fully roadworthy.

How much does an MOT Test cost?

The maximum cost of an MOT Test in the UK is £54.85 for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles and £29.65 for Motorcycle MOT Tests. Protyre offer great deals on MOT Tests at our selection of MOT-certified garages across the UK. Online booking is available for all Class 4 MOTs, click the banner below to book your vehicle in today.

Class 7 MOTs are available at a selection of our garages, these can be booked via an enquiry form here.

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