Do Electric Cars Need an MOT?

Congratulations you are now the proud owner of an electric car and in doing so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment from not expelling toxic fumes, saving money from not paying road tax and taking a giant step towards the future of motoring.

However, there remains the question of whether your vehicle still requires an MOT? Well in short, the answer is, yes! Electric vehicles still have to pass an MOT test after three years just like any other vehicle on the road but unlike their diesel and petrol counterparts, EVs do not require an emissions test.

Is the MOT Test for an electric vehicle different to non-electric vehicles?

The only difference between an electric vehicle MOT Test and a combustion engine MOT Test is the removal of the emissions test. Your electric vehicle will still be checked to ensure:

  • Lights are all working properly

  • Seatbelts, windscreen check for chips or cracks, windscreen wipers are in suitable working condition

  • Steering is in good working condition, each wheel spins freely, tyres legal and suspension is adequate

  • Rust check on any vital mounting points and brackets. MOT Testers cannot remove any car part to check for rust meaning the aerodynamic panel underneath most electric vehicles will stay remain where it is

  • Brake pads and discs are in good condition as with any vehicle

Do Protyre MOT electric vehicles?

Yes, we certainly do! Protyre offer electric MOT Tests at any of our MOT Test garages within our network. Why not book an MOT Test for your vehicle today? Book online and save £££s!

Not sure when your MOT is due?
No problem! Use Protyre’s handy MOT Checker to find out. Simply click the button below, enter your vehicle reg to find out.

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