Getting an MOT: book an MOT online

The MOT checks that your vehicle is roadworthy and meets current environmental standards. Booking an MOT online with Protyre is a breeze, but do you know when you need your MOT and how the MOT coronavirus extension rules apply?
If you get a renewal letter you should book your MOT online as soon as possible, but you may find that the DVLA is experiencing higher demand than usual as a result of the pandemic so booking early is wise. Remember, you can only get your MOT done at an approved centre so look out for the blue sign with three white triangles. All Protyre garages are DVLA approved.

When should I get an MOT?

A vehicle needs an MOT by either the third anniversary of when the vehicle was first registered, or if it is over 3 years old by the anniversary of its last MOT. However, you can book your MOT up to a month minus one day before the renewal deadline and still keep the same official renewal date – so you don’t lose days by taking the test earlier. For example, if your MOT expires on 20th August 2021, you can take the test as early as 21st July 2021 and it will still last until 20th August 2022. However, if you take it on 20th July 2021 it will only last until 19th July 2022.

Can I get an MOT coronavirus extension?

There were some temporary changes to the MOT as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and some vehicles were eligible for an MOT extension. However, MOT mass testing restarted on 1st August so do not delay getting an MOT if the expiry date is approaching. Check your MOT status at Drivers are currently still being advised not to take their car for an MOT if…

  • You or someone you live with has symptoms of Covid-19

  • You have been told by NHS Track and Trace you’ve been in contact with someone with coronavirus

  • You are self-isolating because you have just returned to the UK

If you are shielding contact your local Protyre garage or MOT centre – they may be able to collect your car, carry out the MOT and then return it to you.

Have the MOT rules changed?

Legally, it is always your responsibility to get your car MOT’d and to know about any changes in the rules. There were some alterations in 2018 which included…

  • A dangerous fault must now be fixed on the spot

  • Stricter emissions limits were set for diesel cars

  • New brake and tyre checks were introduced

  • There is a new look certificate

  • Some cars over 40 no longer need an MOT

What should I check before an MOT?

Getting a full service before an MOT virtually guarantees success. Protyre also offer a few quick checks or you can perform a few yourself.

  • Lights: 1 in 5 vehicles fail their MOT because of a faulty light. Check all your bulbs. Beam angle checks are more difficult

  • Suspension: Apply your weight to each corner of the car – it should spring back without bouncing

  • Brakes: Carry out a quick visual inspection of the pads and test whether there’s tension in your handbrake

  • Tyres: check tyre inflation, look for damage and do the 20p test

  • Mirrors and windscreen: check for cracks, make sure your wipers work and check the angle of your mirrors

  • Horn: Check it works as it should

  • Fluids: Ensure your fluids are topped up, including screen wash liquid and oil

  • VIN: Check the VIN in the logbook matches the VIN on the car chassis

It doesn’t hurt to give the car a good clean while you are at it, including the number plates. Note that non-standard plates can now get you a fail!

How can I find the best MOT centre?

Easy. Use our online garage locater to find your nearest Protyre garage. Protyre garages have to meet high standards for fair pricing, training and customer service in order to belong to the network. They are also well equipped with tools, test equipment, consumables and comfortable waiting areas. Once you have found your garage, you can book yourself in for your MOT using our online booking system. We also offer a range of free vehicle checks, such as tyres, battery and exhaust, to help give you peace of mind before your test.

At Protyre we are so much more than tyre specialists, but our qualified fitters can also replace your worn rubber with tyres from great brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli to help you pass your MOT.
We offer an all-in-one MOT and service option that provides exceptional value for money. You can combine your MOT with the service package of your choice, whether that is a full gold service or a quick bronze service. Book online today for the best value MOT from the local garage you can trust.