Failed MOT? Don’t Panic! Get a Free MOT Re-Test

Without proper preparation, it is very easy to fail an MOT test. Check out our Top 10 Simple Things to Check Before Your Next MOT beforehand, and the inconvenience of failing your MOT test can be avoided.

Simple checks include faulty light bulbs, door handles, number plates, steering, the car's horn and bonnet. Other areas include whether or not your car's doors open and close easily, or if the body contains severe damage or holes. Know More About Protyre's FREE VEHICLE CHECK

If you find yourself in a situation where your car fails an MOT test, a free MOT retest or a partial MOT retest fee is possible within a ten-day retest period. The ten-day MOT retest period allows time to make any necessary repairs. More Information On FREE MOT RETEST below.

The service professionals at Protyre are more than equipped to help you get through retesting quickly and free of charge.

What Happens If A Vehicle Fails an MOT?


When a vehicle fails the MOT test, you are given a document which highlights in detail the exact problems which caused the fail.

The document is a VT3O Certificate, which states specific MOT Failure Codes.

You will be able to pass your MOT retest if you finalise the repairs for every failed item. The certificate is also a valuable resource for any mechanic or workshop to repair your vehicle.

What Qualifies a Car for a Free MOT Retest or Partial Retest Fee?


To qualify for a free MOT retest, the following rules applies:

You need to leave your car to get repaired at the same test centre, and the testing takes has to take place within ten working days. In this case, the retesting will automatically be free.

Here is a list of the most common repairs that can usually be done within ten days qualifying you for free MOT retesting:

  • Bonnet

  • Boot lid

  • Brake pedal/ Anti-slip device

  • Direction indicators

  • Doors

  • Drop-sides

  • Fuel Filler Cap

  • Hazard Warning

  • Horn

  • Lamps

  • Loading door

  • Mirrors

  • Rear reflectors

  • Registration plates

  • Seat belts (but not anchorages)

  • Seats

  • Sharp edges or projections

  • Steering wheel

  • Tailboard

  • Tailgate

  • Tyres

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Windscreen and glass

  • Windscreen washer and wipers

  • Wheels

Obviously for certain repairs, like those that fall outside of the above list, you may need the services of a specialist mechanic. In cases like this, you are allowed to take the car away temporarily for repairs.

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Further Guidelines for free MOT Re-testing


Keep in mind that the following rules are for items not mentioned in our above listing:

  • If you take your car away from the first test centre and repair it elsewhere, but bring it back for retesting within the 10 working days, you pay half of the full price.

  • Supposing you return your car after the ten day period, then a complete MOT test will have to be done and you will pay the full fee.

  • If you left your car at the original test centre, only partial retesting is conducted since they only need to go over the areas which caused the MOT fail in the first place. Partial retesting remains free in this scenario.

  • If your car fails the MOT for the second time during partial retesting, then no choice you will have to schedule a full MOT test after completing necessary repairs. And accordingly you will have to pay the full fees.

How much do I pay if I can't get a free MOT Retest?


If you happen to miss this ten day retest period, you will have to pay the full fee for an MOT retest. Official test centres are regulated by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and are not allowed to charge more than the prescribed maximum fee of £54.85.
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How to Avoid Failing an MOT

It is a legal requirement for cars in the UK, which are 3 years old, to undergo an annual MOT test before being declared roadworthy.

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