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If you run a fleet of commercial vehicles with a gross weight of between 3,000 and 3,500kg, they are classed as Class 7 vehicles. Whether vans or flatbeds, they require a Class 7 MOT test once they reach 3 years old and every year thereafter. 

To determine whether you have a Class 7 vehicle, you should check your V5C registration document. Alternatively, your vehicle manufacturer should be able to provide you with the necessary information based on your registration number and chassis VIN plate.

Book your Class 7 MOT test online below or read on to learn more about this critical vehicle check.

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What's checked in a Class 7 MOT test?

The basic purpose of a Class 7 MOT is to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum roadworthy standard and is safe to drive.

The checks conducted are very similar to those carried out on passenger cars and smaller vans. They include tests on your tyres to make sure that they're suitable for your vehicle's maximum load capacity.

When you bring your commercial vehicle to Protyre for its Class 7 MOT, we will check the VIN and registration plate first. Our professionally trained mechanics will then undertake detailed checks, making sure that:

·        All lights are working effectively and the steering and suspension systems are operating correctly.

·        All seatbelts fitted operate correctly.

·        Bodywork is inspected to make sure that it is free from sharp or jagged edges.

·        Wiper blades are in good condition and there are no leaks from your washer bottle.

·        Visibility out of your windscreen and mirrors is unimpeded by cracks or other damage. 

·        Horn and emissions tests are carried out, plus checks on your fuel system and tyres.

·        We undertake brake checks to ensure that safe stopping is always possible.

How much does a Class 7 MOT test cost?

The maximum cost of a Class 7 MOT is £58.60.

You can save money when you book with Protyre at one of our Class 7 MOT stations near you. We're looking to train even more of our mechanics to carry out this test, but several of our centres already offer Class 7 MOTs.

Why choose Protyre for a Class 7 MOT?

As one of the UK's fastest-growing DVSA-approved garage networks, we know a thing or two about the Class 7 MOT. With over 50 years' experience providing our customers with low-cost yet thorough MOT tests, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

We're proud to put our people first and we’ve got thousands of happy customers to show for it. To find out why we’re the preferred choice for so many drivers and commercial fleet owners, take a look at our ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot.

Whether you’ve got a brand-new van or a loyal old truck, come on down to a Class 7 MOT test centre near you and let our experts handle the rest.

With so many dedicated test centres to choose from, there’s never been a better time to get a professional Class 7 MOT at the right price. Simply book your MOT online today or contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members.

Class 7 MOT: FAQs

Our qualified technicians understand how important your vehicle is for your business, so they will make every effort to carry out your commercial vehicle MOT quickly. We aim to have you back on the road as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, usually in around an hour.

Don't forget that you may need to visit us again if your vehicle fails and you need to book an MOT retest. However, you can increase your chances of a speedy MOT experience by giving your commercial vehicles a full service between tests.

We recommend that you book your vehicle in for its Class 7 MOT well ahead of its expiry date. You can have your vehicle MOT tested up to a month (minus 1 day) before its existing MOT expires to preserve the original renewal date.

Get organised

By planning in advance, you'll be able to manage your workload. Should you learn that your commercial vehicle needs more work than you anticipated, you can then assign different vehicles or drivers accordingly.

Remove your belongings

Before a Class 7 MOT test, we recommend that you remove all tools and personal items from the vehicle. This gives our mechanics unobstructed access, allowing them to test the vehicle more efficiently and increasing your chances of a quick turnaround. 

Bring your wheel nut key

If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts, please ensure that they are present when the vehicle is delivered for its Class 7 MOT. This enables efficient inspection of wheels and brakes.

Repairs and replacement parts are not included in the cost of an MOT. However, you can rest assured that when you choose Protyre to carry out a Class 7 MOT, you're in safe hands.

We supply and sell one of the largest collections of tyres in the UK. If your vehicle fails its Class 7 MOT test on tyres, we can replace them immediately with either a leading brand like Pirelli or Continental or a budget-friendly alternative of your choice. 

An annual Class 7 MOT is a vital safety inspection that ensures your vehicle remains in a roadworthy condition.  

It's illegal to drive a vehicle over 3 years old without a valid MOT in the UK, and the penalties for doing so are severe. You could be fined up to £1,000 and receive points on your licence. In some cases, your insurance can be revoked and your vehicle seized. 

Don't worry if your vehicle initially fails its Class 7 MOT. From 2022 to 2023, 37% of Class 7 vehicles failed the initial MOT test. It's normal for something unexpected to crop up, but we can help you get back on the roads.

If there's still time remaining on your existing MOT, you can carry on using the vehicle provided that no failures have been classified as dangerous. You'll have 14 days grace to have repairs conducted before a retest.

If your existing MOT has expired, you must not drive the vehicle until the required work has been carried out and the vehicle retested as roadworthy. The only exception is that you are allowed to drive the vehicle to your local garage for a retest. 

Above all, it's illegal to drive any vehicle without a valid MOT.

Where your commercial vehicle is required to keep your business running, it's imperative that it's kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. A poorly maintained vehicle is not only unsafe but could quickly eat into your profits – and potentially damage your professional reputation.

To ensure that your Class 7 commercial vehicle is roadworthy, book it into your local Protyre garage for a free safety check. In advance of an MOT, this will indicate any early areas for concern and minimise the disruption to your business.