How to Easily Check a Car’s MOT and Tax Status Online

Recent government policy and legislative changes mean you can now check a vehicle’s MOT status and tax status, online using the brand new vehicle enquiry service.

In 2005, a computerised system of MOT checking was introduced and this system has been refined and made more user-friendly as the years have passed. Now, by using the Protyre MOT Checker below you will be able to check your MOT status online.

MOT Checker 

All you need to do is to enter the registration number of the vehicle and either the MOT test number (which will be on the VT20 test or the VT30 refusal certificate you received when your car was last tested) or the document reference number (which is found on the logbook if you no longer have the MOT test number).

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MOT Status Check

Any vehicle details now can be entered into the new system, for example by make, or model and the results like the MOT and tax expiry dates will be retrieved.

Checking the status of your car's MOT certificate is important. A vehicle with an expired MOT can only be driven to a garage. It is illegal to drive the vehicle for any other purpose including driving it home from the showroom.

Moreover, checking MOT status can reveal vital information about the condition of the car. This information helps you make an informed decision when, for example, you purchase a second-hand vehicle.

MOT on Second-hand Cars

The new system makes the purchase of second-hand cars secure and easier.

After the purchase of your second-hand car, any doubts you may have about whether the MOT certificate is genuine can be allayed instantly, by performing simple checks on the system.

The Vehicle Enquiry Service

In seconds, you can find out a vehicle's MOT and tax expiry date by carrying out a “vehicle enquiry”.

The vehicle enquiry service itself is a useful service for MOT testers. As many MOT testers will testify, when logging onto the online enquiry service they may discover that the customer has brought their vehicle in too early for an MOT – sometimes more than a month early.

The customer can then decide to take the vehicle away, leaving the tester with unnecessary administrative work of voiding the original test request.

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