Can I drive without an MOT?

When a vehicle reaches three years of age, it must have a valid MOT. Driving without an MOT on public roads is illegal, will invalidate your insurance and will leave you open to prosecution. Driving without MOT is not an option.
The annual MOT comprises a number of tests and checks which the vehicle must pass to ensure that it is safe for use on public roads; that it is not polluting the environment; and, above all, that it does not constitute a danger to other drivers. This is why driving without MOT is a punishable offence.
Years of experience tell us that when elements of your car such as windscreen wipers or brakes are not functioning as they should, accidents can happen. Even if you have leading brands of tyre such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken or Sumitomo, they will need checking, maintaining and, when the time comes, replacing. Ensuring that your tyres are wearing evenly and are not developing bald patches is essential for safety. The MOT test confirms that your tyres meet stringent standards for tread depth and overall condition.
Our tyre professionals can check your tyres at any time to make sure they are delivering the safety and the performance they are designed for. At Protyre, we have qualified fitters who can not only check for tread depth, but can also check wear patterns for signs that your suspension may require alignment. In some cases, our team may rotate the tyres to assist with even wear. In our experience, an investment in the maintenance of your tyres is an investment in not only their durability but in your safety.

Expired MOT?

Your car’s MOT must be renewed before it expires. Once this happens, you cannot drive it on public roads and your vehicle insurance will be invalid. The only exception to this is where you are driving to a pre-booked MOT service. However, if you’re stopped by police or you are involved in an accident, you will require proof of your MOT booking.

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What are the consequences?

The fine for driving without an MOT can be up to a £1,000 which is simply not worth the risk when you can get a hassle-free MOT at Protyre from as little as £29.95. In addition, without an MOT, your car may be impounded and there could be substantial penalty charges in getting it released.
Driving without valid insurance (which is the case if you don't have a valid MOT) also risks fines, points on your licence and the risk of liability for huge costs, should you be involved in an accident. You could be taken to court and heavily penalised.
At Protyre, our mechanics and qualified fitters conduct MOTs day in and day out. Our MOT solution includes free MOT retests and many of our clients choose to combine a service with their MOT, ensuring that we have pre-checked the vehicle before the tests are conducted.
If you’re not sure when your MOT is due, why not use our handy tool here on the Protyre website and find out by entering your car’s registration. If it's due soon, you can book your MOT online with us and enjoy peace of mind and great value.