Volkswagen (VW) MOT - Book Online

Once your Volkswagen Polo or Golf reaches three years of age, you will need to have the vehicle checked and issued with a valid MOT. This is important, not just legally, but to ensure any small problems with your car are identified early, before they before they become major issues. This improves the vehicle's safety, and in the long run will save you money and boost its resale value. 
At Protyre, we know Volkswagen and we aim to provide reliable, thorough Volkswagen expertise. We can assess your car at competitive prices that represent great value for money. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic mechanics want car owners to be so impressed with the attention they receive that they return again and again. Also, we have a huge range of centres, so to book a Volkswagen MOT is easy and convenient.

Common areas of MOT failures in Volkswagens

Every make and model of car has its strengths and areas that suffer more wear and tear. A Volkswagen Golf MOT, for example, will pay special attention to the electrical circuitry and its reflectors and lamps. Suspension, brakes and tyres are, of course, all evaluated on your Volkswagen Golf, along with all the other safety and emission checks. 
A Volkswagen Passat MOT will examine your car thoroughly, giving attention to areas where faults are commonly found, such as the brakes, tyres, suspension and electrical systems.

Similar issues are tackled for the Volkswagen Bora, as it is known for sometimes having faults in its electrical circuitry and lamps. When it comes to the Volkswagen Polo MOT, similar issues tend to present themselves, so at Protyre, we pay close attention to suspension, brakes and all electrical elements. Tyres also need close examination, but we have thousands of tyres in stock at excellent prices, should replacements be needed. There are a lot of the ever popular Polos on the road - it didn't win the Auto Express supermini of the year award last year for the second time in a row for nothing - and at Protyre, we have real Polo knowhow.
The Touareg is designed to be tough, but even so, we will go over your Volkswagen Touareg in great detail, paying particular attention to all the electrical components, which are the most likely parts to malfunction on this vehicle.

The Volkswagen Tiguan MOT goes over this Sports Utility Vehicle with care and precision. Golfs and Polos are the best-selling Volkswagens in the UK, and the Volkswagen Tiguan is close behind them. With a winning combination of versatility, practicality and performance in one model, your Volkswagen Tiguan MOT will keep it in top condition.