Book MOT Test Check for my Vauxhall

Are you looking for an MOT test for your Vauxhall Corsa? You have many options, but it is important that you chose a testing station that you can trust and that will provide great value for money. Whether this is your first ever experience of MOT tests or you have been having cars tested for years, you need a testing centre like ProTyre that will explain what is going on in terms that you can understand.

Cars do not need an MOT until they are three years old, so if you have purchased a new Astra, you will not have had an MOT before. At Protyre we are the experts you need if you are looking for a Meriva MOT as well. You can avoid many of the faults that cause cars such as the Zafira and Adam to fail an MOT by carrying out regular maintenance. This includes tyre checks and wiper and light checks.

Models such as the Astra and Vectra are commonly selected as company cars, clocking up thousands of miles every year. This makes maintenance even more important. Around of third of all MOT faults relate to the lights and signalling elements of a car. When we MOT your car we take particular care over this important safety feature. It is essential that the reflectors are secure and that they positioned correctly. It is easy for them to knocked out of position, and this prevents them from working correctly.

Our thorough checks will ensure that there is nothing obscuring the lights and that they are in good condition. Attention to detail is vital as these checks are being carried out. We even check that the lights are the correct colour and that they do not turn off or become dim when another light is turned on. If there is an electrical fault, we can get to the bottom of it. It is essential that the lights turn on with simply a single flick of the switch.
If you are used to paying inflated prices at main dealerships for MOTs, our prices will come as a pleasant surprise. Your motoring safety is paramount.