Book MOT Test Check for my Toyota

After three years on the road, your new car will need an MOT certificate to prove that is fulfils the criteria for being roadworthy. Without this certification, your motor insurance policy is compromised; therefore, it is an important document and one that many garages will charge you dearly for. At Protyre, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a more affordable solution with our trusted MOT test check. This could save you a considerable sum of money without compromising on quality.

Main dealers have high overheads, which they pass on to their customers by charging inflated prices for MOT test checks. There is no need to visit your main dealer when Protyre is one of the largest test centre networks approved by the DVSA, completing the tests to the highest possible standards.
At Protyre, we offer comprehensive MOT test checks for your Toyota car without charging you the price you can expect to pay at your main dealer. We have experience with all Toyota models, including the popular Toyota Aygo, which is an economical town and city car. Cheap to run, the Aygo has close to an 80 per cent pass rate in MOT tests, with the main issues tending to focus on lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment.

Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment are also known to be issues that can cause the Toyota Yaris to fail an MOT test, closely followed by brake problems. Even so, the Yaris tends to keep going, continuing to pass MOT tests when other cars have started to develop major issues.
If you own a Toyota Auris, you will already know that the car has an excellent reputation for reliability, making it a great choice for a dependable family car. Well over 80 per cent of Auris cars sail through the MOT. Where there are problems, brakes and tyres seem to be the most frequent culprits.
Bring your Toyota RAV4 to us for an MOT test check and we can quickly determine whether your car is one of those with problems surrounding the brakes and suspension that account for many failures.

Protyre can perform an MOT test check on your Toyota Prius hybrid for much less than you would expect to pay at your main dealer and with absolutely no shortfall on the quality of the service we provide.

A rugged workhorse of a vehicle, the Toyota Hilux is a vehicle that must perform for its keep. At Protyre, we can quickly attend to the common braking and suspension problems that can cause this model to fail an MOT test.