Book MOT Test Check for my Subaru

Subaru makes cars that handle well at competitive price points. If you have a Subaru MOT approaching, there is an opportunity to save both anxiety and money by anticipating likely problems in the car you drive.

Subaru XV MOT

The Subaru XV has many fans for its handling and cornering, but less for its suspension. It makes sense to look after the suspension in a car that does not insulate you from the road that well in the first place. Another weak area is its brakes, which need servicing more often.
Although unlikely to cause an MOT fail, some people report performance impairment - slow acceleration - if you do not use the manufacturer-recommended engine oil. 
There is a known fault with cold engines idling unsteadily due to an ECU software fault. Subaru will fix this for you free of charge.

Subaru Forester MOT

Suspension, lights and brakes are equally likely to cause a Subaru Forester MOT fail. It is easy to check your own lights, wipers and tyres, not forgetting the spare. If you are no longer under a dealership service plan, you can save significantly by visiting a non-aligned garage such as Protyre before a test.

Subaru Outback MOT

The most common cause of MOT failures in almost all vehicles is the lights and electrics; however, the Subaru Outback is an exception. It does relatively well in the electrics category; however, as with several other Subarus, it is often let down by its suspension.

Subaru Impreza MOT

Knocking noises from the suspension suggest failing drop links or faulty anti-roll bar bushes. Tyres wear quickly on this model, so check them before the MOT is due. Subaru Impreza is also known for a problem with the AYF (oxygen) sensor.

Subaru WRX MOT

This car's great performance encourages drivers to give it a hammering; as a result, the most common problems discovered are worn brakes, tyres, clutches and suspension.
Along with the Impreza, the pistons also seem to be prone to wear quickly in this model. If this is the case, the MOT is the least of your worries.

Subaru BRZ MOT

This is yet another Subaru with great handling, but not the best suspension.
Another common issue is poor gear changing, typically from first to second on cold mornings. If you experience this, check your transmission fluid. Another cause can be the gearbox synchros.
A chirping noise when the engine is idling is often caused by the Subaru BRZ's high pressure fuel pump. As with the XV, it sometimes has an ECU software problem that Subaru should fix for free.