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A luxury Porsche car is a wonderful investment as well as a fabulous drive. You can enjoy maximum driving pleasure no matter how many years your Porsche has on the clock. It can continue to be as powerful and responsive as the day you bought it. Obviously, because it is such an investment, you will want to take care of your car and protect your investment. Porsche engineers ensure every model's parts are finely tuned, and it's important to make sure all of these parts are cared for so that they work in harmony and operate at maximum efficiency. That means regular checks and servicing. It is best to consult your Porsche driver's manual to see how often you need to have this done.

Generally, though, you will need a service every 40,000 miles, or before its MOT if the car is more than three years old. The mechanic will check the diagnosis system, the underside of the vehicle and engine for any leaks or abrasions. They will replace air and pollen filters, inspect fuel lines and connections and check brakes, steering gear, axle joints, drive shafts, exhausts and tyres, as well as making sure all other parts such as windscreen wipers and seat belts work as they should.

The two-door Porsche 911 is one of the most powerful sports cars ever made. The older classic Porsche 911 models have air-cooled engines, while the later models have water-cooled engines. The main reasons these cars fail their MoT are problems with lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment and tyres and brakes. These are all areas your garage will check during a service.
The Porsche Boxster gets its name by merging the 'boxer' engine with the 'roadster' appearance. During its MOT, this car is also most likely to fail because of problems with lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, with tyres and suspension being high on the failure list too. This is worth bearing in mind when you book Porsche Boxster MOT pre-inspection services.
The Porsche Cayman is named after the caiman reptile belonging to the alligator family. Before you book a Porsche Cayman MOT, you should be aware that common failure reasons are lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, followed by tyres and brakes. The Porsche Cayenne is also most likely to fail for these reasons.
These are all points to bear in mind when you take your precious Porsche for servicing. If you're looking for a better deal than you would get from the main dealerships, book an MOT with us for a five-star service at very reasonable rates.