Book MOT test check for my Peugeot

All cars in the UK need an annual MOT test once they reach three years old. People often opt to have this done at the same time as a service. If you have a relatively new car, it has probably been serviced by a main dealer; however, these can be pricey and there is no reason you should not shop around for a better deal once your car is out of warranty.

Independent garages such as Protyre can do MOT tests on a wide selection of popular models, including the Peugeot 2008, 307, 607, 3008 and 5008. The MOT checks key areas of the vehicle for safety, including the lights, wipers, horn, brakes and tyres. The vehicle's emissions will also be tested to ensure that it is in line with the manufacturer's settings.

Older Peugeot models such as the 307 and 607 often suffer from problems with brakes and shock absorbers. Having the MOT test done is a great way of ensuring that these are picked up early before they become a major safety issue. A developing fault may not mean the car failing its test; instead, you may receive an advisory notice for components that are nearing the end of their life and for problems with components that are not part of the official test. This gives you the opportunity to get them fixed and make sure that your Peugeot remains roadworthy.

If your Peugeot does fail its MOT, you may be eligible to have it retested for free provided you leave it to be repaired at the same test centre and re retest is done within 10 days. You can also minimise your chances of failure with a few simple checks. Make sure your Peugeot's lights are working correctly, that the tyres have sufficient tread and are undamaged, that the wipers blades are in good condition, and that the screen wash is topped up.

With garages around the country, there will be a Protyre somewhere near you. For your Peugeot Partner MOT or an MOT for any other Peugeot model, give Protyre a call.