Book MOT Test Check for my Nissan

If you enjoy the quirky good looks and comfortable drive of the Nissan Juke, you want to make sure that your pride and joy stays on the road. This means finding an MOT testing centre that prides itself on expertise and attention to detail in the service they provide.
At Protyre, we will take the time to painstakingly check over every safety aspect of your car, but we won't charge you a fortune for doing so.
We also specialise in testing the Nissan Micra and Nissan Note. Both are leading models in their class. Two important aspects of the MOT test that customers may not be aware of are the steering and suspension. Both are essential aspects of vehicle safety.

When you bring your Nissan Qashqai or Nissan X-Trail in for an MOT test, the first steering element to be tested is the steering wheel itself. The tester here at Protyre will push the steering wheel in several different directions to check for wear or damage to the steering components. The steering locking device will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it only locks when the engine is turned off. The level of power steering fluid must be at least at the minimum level and preferably higher.
The Nissan Juke is known for its responsive steering, so you may have already noticed if something is not quite right. Mention this to the tester when you leave the car. The key to the Navara's superiority, however, is found in the suspension, so when you book a Nissan Navara MOT at Protyre, this is one element that we will be paying particular attention to.

There are three main problems that can cause the components of the suspension to become unsafe and they are corrosion, distortion or fractures. These can occur through normal wear and tear, or from physical damage incurred in a collision.
A more common reason for MOT failure is brake problems. If any brake warning signs have lit up on your Nissan, you should bring this to the attention of the tester. If there are no warning signs, they will still need to check that the brakes, pedals and levers are all in good working order. Nearly 10% of all MOT failures are due to brake problems.