Book MOT test check for my Lexus

Lexus, the luxury vehicle team at Toyota, is Japan's best-selling brand of luxury car. Its reputation is a global representation of luxury, efficiency and superior owner experience, with current models including the Lexus CT, IS, RX and LX.

All Lexus cars over three years of age must pass an annual MOT test; therefore, finding a quality garage you can trust to care for your Lexus is crucial. We understand that you are keen to continue providing an excellent level of service for your Lexus - and you can, without the hefty dealership price. In 2003 the 'block exemption' laws changed, permitting you to have your Lexus MOT, service and repairs completed by an independent garage without your original warranty being affected.

Our team at Protyre is considered the UK's foremost independent provider of vehicle services and tyres. This is not purely because we have access to leading brands backed with a strong, experienced team; in addition, we provide the tradition, reliability and skilled service of your trusted local garage. At Protyre we understand the excellent standards involved in maintaining a luxury car and offer our clients the trusted equivalent to dealership MOTs at an affordable price. Our MOT is specific to the Lexus model you own, such as the Lexus CT, IS, RX or LX, and our standards are in line with Lexus recommendations.

The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) released its 2015-2016 results and revealed faulty lights and signals were the number one cause of MOT failure. Next came suspension problems, with braking issues coming in third. Rounding off the top five reasons for MOT failure were tyres and the driver's view of the road. A staggering 26.3 per cent of cars failed their initial MOT, mostly due to issues that could easily have been fixed by the vehicle owner. Even more worrying is that 1,830 road accidents last year were the result of unroadworthy vehicles.

You can help to maintain your Lexus's high operational standards and efficiency. This discipline pays off at MOT time - you won't be caught out and fail your MOT test due to something you could have fixed yourself. Here are our five top tips to help you keep your Lexus LX MOT-ready.
  1. Replenish your screen wash.
  2. Ensure your license plate is clean and follows DVLA regulations.
  3. Make sure your tax disc and other windscreen stickers rest beyond your windscreen wipers' sweep area.
  4. Follow up and resolve warning lights on your dashboard.
  5. Check your tyres for damage. We encourage our drivers to change their tyres when the tread hits 3mm.