Book MOT Test Check for my Landrover

If your vehicle is three years old or more, you are legally required to have a valid MOT certificate and it is your responsibility to have your vehicle examined every 12 months. The MOT test includes a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

Do you own a Land Rover Sport, Discovery or Freelander? If so, and your MOT is coming up for renewal, did you know that you could save money and get an improved experience by going to an independent specialist garage such as Protyre as opposed to going to a main dealership or back to where you bought your vehicle from initially?

Protyre garages will thoroughly check the following to ensure they meet the standards set by the DVSA before issuing an MOT certificate for your vehicle:

  • Vehicle identification number - must be present and legibly displayed.

  • Registration plate - must be in good condition, unaltered, and meet spacing regulations.

  • Seatbelts - must be present, operational, in good condition and secure.

  • Lights - must be working and in good condition, with accurate/efficient headlamp aim.

  • Steering and suspension - must be in good working order. A common fault with the Land Rover Sport is with the anti-roll bar brushes, which may cause a squeaking sound; therefore, this will be a special focus.

  • Wipers and washer bottle - must work properly and give a clear view of the road.

  • Windscreen - will be checked for any chips or cracks.

  • Horn - must work effectively and be suitable.

  • Seats - will be checked for security.

  • Fuel system - will be checked for leaks and the fuel cap checked to ensure it fastens and seals securely.

  • Bodywork - will be checked for excessive corrosion or damage and any sharp edges.

  • Emissions - volume will be checked and exhaust must be secure, complete, and without serious leaks.

  • Mirrors - will be checked for condition and security.

  • Doors - will be checked for operation and security.

  • Wheels and tyres - will be checked for condition, security, tyre size, tyre type and tread depth. A tailored Freelander MOT will pay special attention to the tyre wear on the front tyres, as this is known to be a common problem with this model.

  • Brakes - the effectiveness, performance, condition and operation will be checked.

  • All mechanics employed by Protyre are fully qualified, experienced and highly knowledgeable. They are fully aware of the most common problems that arise with numerous models of car.