Book MOT Test Check for my Jaguar

Many Jaguar drivers stick with their main dealers for the first three years of ownership - in fact, many have no choice, because purchase deals often tie them into using the main dealer for servicing.

But at the three-year point the MOT kicks in, and main dealers are not necessarily the best choice for a garage which will work with you to ensure your MOT pass. Luckily, at this point you often gain the freedom to book the MOT for your Jaguar at an independent garage.

If possible, the best route is to find a network of garages that have the engineering expertise to service and repair Jaguars, allied to a local reputation for fair dealing and good workmanship.
Over the past few years, the top echelon of independent garages have been joining up to form networks that allow them to keep their independence and continue to build their strong local reputations while enabling them to trade as part of a larger group, and so to take advantage of better prices. Protyre is an excellent example of this kind of new business partnership.
This enables drivers of marques such as Jaguar to take advantage of great prices on parts and service and enjoy premium engineering services without paying main dealer prices.
The good news is that the Jaguar X-type is more likely to pass the MOT than cars of a similar age. The rate for passes is 65%, with newer models more likely to pass than older ones - no surprise there. The top reasons for failure are lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment - a lot of these are probably simple problems, so make sure that you are using an independent garage that won't charge for a retest.

The S-type has the same failure profile. But nearly 9% of cars of both models fail because of tyres - so check these before the MOT. When it comes to replacing high-performance tyres, a main dealer is not usually a good source in terms of price, choice and quick supply.

Engagement is always more difficult with a main dealer - they tend to be formal because their relationship with owners revolves around the sales and service contract. Local garages, as well as having genuine enthusiasm for the marque, are prepared to work hard for your business and provide personal service.

So if you have an XJ MOT coming up, look for a Protyre network member to get access to an independent mechanical centre that has the expertise to advise on your Jaguar, test it and ensure it gets through its MOT.