Book MOT Test Check for my Honda

Owning a car can be an expensive business, so anything that helps to bring the costs down a little is worth exploring. One area where many Honda owners are finding that they can make substantial savings, is that of the annual MOT test.

When you buy a new car from a dealer, you can usually expect to receive certain benefits, such as service checks, while the car is still under warranty. Once the warranty has expired, your dealer will continue to send you reminders for services and MOT test checks, in the hope that you won't look elsewhere for a cheaper option.
At Protyre, we can offer the full MOT test check package that you would expect from your Honda dealer, but without the inflated main dealer price tag.
If you need to book an MOT test for a Honda Jazz, you can trust Protyre to pick up on some of known issues that have caused this model to fail the test. The Honda Jazz is generally considered to be a reliable car, but issues around brakes have caused over 30 per cent of MOT failures.

The Honda Civic is another extremely popular model, with devoted fans around the UK. Whilst it doesn't quite attain the results of the Jazz, the Civic nonetheless has a good reputation with MOT tests. Where failures occur, it is often down to issues with the lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, closely followed by problems with the brakes and suspension.
Protyre offers a budget MOT test check for your Honda Accord, which is known to be a reliable sedan car. Much cheaper than the main dealer option, we still provide the exact same service, and will detect any issues with brakes and suspension, which are two of the main issues with this particular Honda model.

Bring your Honda CRV to us, and we will perform an MOT test check that will determine whether your car has any of the suspension issues affecting around a quarter of CRVs, that can cause them to fail the MOT test.

The Honda CRZ is a sporty looking model, but almost 40 per cent of MOT test failures on the CRZ model are due to issues with tyres. With Protyre, we can quickly sort out replacements that will let your car sail through its MOT.

When your Honda HR-V MOT test check becomes due, contact us to find out whether your car is one of the 25 per cent that fail the test thanks to problems surrounding lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment.